The Angels Saga

Angels of Faith


Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Copyright 6179 SC

Dedication:  Angels of Faith Series Dedicated to Victoria Beckham



  1. Abraham

  2. Shadowplay

  3. Michael the Angel of God

  4. Dragon

  5. Abraham II

  6. Moses

  7. Angels of Faith Books 1 to 7’ (Short Stories)

  8. Sitting at the River’ (Short Story)

  9. Victoria and the Four Elemental Precepts of Existence’ (Short Story)

  10. David’s Dilemma’ (Short Story)

  11. 'David's Dilemma II' (Short Story)

  12. 'David's Dilemma III' (Short Story)

  13. Through the Realm of Splendour to the Heart of Hope’ (Short Story)

  14. The Sixth Primal Element’ (Short Story)

  15. Victoria’ (Short Story)

  16. Foundation’s Beginning’ (Short Story)

  17. 'Victoria and Foundation’ (Short Story)

  18. Uriel and the Dragon’ (Short Novella)

  19. 'Sitting at the River II' (Short Story)

  20. All Good Things Must Come to an End’ (Short Story)

  21. 'Victoria's Advice' (Short Story)

  22. 'Lucy Potter and Lucifer's Porno Collection' (Short Story)

  23. 'Victoria Triumphant' (Short Story)

  24. 'Uriel and Victoria' (Short Story)

  25. 'China Magnificent' (Short Story)

  26. 'World Cup Glory' (Short Story)

  27. 'Dr Chiu's Happiness' (Short Story)

  28. 'Sitting at the River III' (Short Story)

  29. 'Uriel and Victoria II' (Short Story)

  30. 'Lucifer's Crush' (Short Story)



The theophany of God. He had a name, of sorts. A private name. A personal name. But that was a story for another day. Today, God, theophany of Jehovah, was sitting on a rocking swinger at the back of 'Home'. Home was the first created 'Realm' of the realms of God. After home was 'Heaven'. The Children of Heaven lived there, and then the Realm of Infinity and the Realm of Eternity. But today God was at home, swinging away, Logos was away at the Realm of Infinity doing his duties, and Metatron was inside with Memra goofing around. But God was swinging on the rocker, gazing out at the endless aurora which surrounded the farmstead of home, thinking. Abraham was on his mind. Abraham, child of heaven, one of the 70 children of heaven, whose 'Twin' was Sarah. Abraham had recently been involved in a play which the children of heaven had performed. Each of the children had chosen a specific role, but Abraham had chosen the role of 'God' for himself. Very interesting, and God was considering that choice of Abraham's, and a special destiny for Abraham. A valuable choice, in many ways, and thinking over it, God decided that Abraham would be the father of a multitude in time, of kings and nations, and have a special role, a select role, a chosen role, apart from the other children and peoples of God. The Children of Zion, they would be. A special chosen people, for a different destiny from the remainder of the Children of Destiny. One in which a closer attention would be paid – and required – of this people. A people of Torah, a people of obedience to God's holy laws and commandments, and a people dear to his very own heart. It would not be an easy destiny, and suffering would be an inevitable part of it. But it would fulfil desires of the heart of God, and create a unique way of salvation for mankind, a salvation he would pay particular and special attention to. He sat there, swinging away, drinking his orange juice, and the more he thought on this, the more he contemplated its delightful possibilities and the more he pondered its wonderful originalities. So God sat there, thinking about this particular child of heaven and, as Metatron came outside, swearing that Memra had scolded him for stealing a cookie which was for desert that evening, God smiled, and another fine day passed in home, the centrepiece and capital of the realms of the creation of God.

The End


Samael was thinking it over.

'Yo, Abraham. So your the big kahuna?'

Abraham reflected on those words. 'Big Kahuna? What do you mean by that?'

'Of all the 70 children of Heaven, you go off and choose the role of God. So I have a shadowplay for you. Are you willing to suffer for the glory?'

'What do you have in mind?' asked Abraham.

'Oh. Divine Splendour. Developments. All things kosher and goodly, and right up your alley, old man. Something special for Abraham and his cronies.'

'Cronies?' queried the child of heaven.

'You don't get around much, do you?' said Samael reflectively. 'You don't ever chat with Destiny do you? She has all sorts of plans and pleasures for the Children. But a special destiny she has chosen for you. And I have a contract, if you will, to have some special fun with my old buddy.'

'I have always questioned wether the Devil really keeps his contracts,' reflected Abraham thoughtfully.'

'It's all in the detail,' responded Samael. 'So don't be an old schmuch about it. Listen up. Lucy is a clever old doll, and I have this overwhelming sense of dread she will just outsmart me when push comes to shove. So, tell you what. You guys like to entertain, right? How about special privileges. I keep the ballgame alive and happening to new possibilities, and you guys cut me some slack. I'll have my fun, and sure I'll keep my promise should the old witch triumph, but if you cut me some slack. Well, I'll cut you some. Not the end of the world of suffering in the end. I'll give you a break in the end.'

'I am sure your word is good enough,' said Abraham.

'It's all in the detail. Smarten up on your legal skills, and I'll honour your precedents. It's how the game is played, babe. But I'm an old fox. And quite cunning. So, you are aware I am a tricky old so and so, so that won't be a problem? Win your court cases, and all is fair in love and war.'

Child of Heaven Daniel spoke up. 'You will honour court cases? How about magnificent and glorious judgements of the Ancient of Days.'

'Sure, whatever. See you in court for that, Danny boy. So what do you say? Cut me some slack should I be outdone on the big choice?'

Abraham looked at his brother, and his heart softened. 'I'll give you a break Samael.'

'Good. Remember the detail, and I might even show you some honour. If you can afford it. But it's all in the shadowplay. Ok. It's all in the shadowplay.'

'Right,' said Abraham, and when Samael disappeared he looked at Daniel. 'Whatever was all that about?'

'A special destiny,' replied Daniel, who was more than just a little bit suspicious.

The End

Michael the Angel of God”

 Michael was an angel of God.  He lived in the Realm of Eternity, loved his beloved twin Elenniel who he had married recently, and loved his God as well.  Ambriel, he generally considered, was his best friend.  In fact by quite a long way.  Gabriel was also close, but it really was Saruviel who he found the most compelling.  The young lad was absolutely intense – very full on.  Naturally, he didn’t really give a damn about Saruviel’s ego problem – heck he was only an angel and nobody was perfect.  But his passion was also compelling and Michael enjoyed their chess games which they, these days, played with quite a friendly but suitably competitive spirit.  Daniel was also interesting, but to showy for Michael.  Too excessive in trying to be the best angel in the universe.  But if such was his motivation, well, that must be the way God made him.  Raguel was a decent angel to Michael.  Usually quite consistent now, developing a good sense of authority and responsibility.  Dedicated to his overseer responsibilities and committed to his task:  An admirable angel.  Yes, there were many on his mind, often too many, but such was his affection towards his brethren.


Well, what do you think Michael.  Is it any good?’

Michael looked at Ambriel’s new painting of Meludiel and considered it.  ‘It is as good as anything you have done, Ambriel.  But don’t you get sick of painting pictures of your twin?  How about another angel?  How about Elenniel?  She taught you much at Pelnaphon after all.’

Yes, ok.  I will do that.  But I love Meludiel, ok.  I love her.’

Doesn’t Daniel continue to bother you too much though.  That obsession is age long now.  Really, gone on far too long.’

He’s young.  Older than me, but younger than me.’

What is old is young and what is young is old,’ said Michael, quoting the Seraphim Torah.

Yes,’ responded Ambriel.  ‘Very true.’


Meludiel came into the office of the firstborn, smiled at Ambriel, and started speaking to Michael.  ‘Today is the day, big brother.  Are you ready?’

For what?’ asked Michael, suddenly perplexed.

Its our 10,000th anniversary.  I thought you would remember.’

Ambriel looked at her, puzzled.  ’10,000th anniversary of what?’

Since our agreement.  Hasn’t Michael told you?’

Ambriel looked puzzled and turned to Michael.  ‘What agreement?’

Michael suddenly remembered.  ‘Ohhh.  That agreement.  So today is the day.’

And he has definitely forgotten by now,’ smiled Meludiel with a little grin on her face.

Heh heh heh,’ responded Michael.  ‘And he definitely has it coming to him.’

What gives,’ asked Ambriel.

Do you remember when Daniel had that party in the dining room and we were all dressed in our best clothes.  And then he ordered his cronies to throw all those cream pies at us and then starting sloshing chocolate sauce over everyone.’

Ambriel smiled.  ‘Yes I remember.’

Well Meludiel swore to him that day, what did you say Mel?’

I’ll get you Daniel.  One day, when you least expect it, boom, pow, and you’re gone.’

Ambriel chuckled.

Well Meludiel agreed with me to get him in 10,000 years.  And today is the day.’

I’m in,’ said Ambriel.  ‘This could be fun.’



Later on, after Daniel had been duly embarrassed, they gave him back his clothing.  Not only had it been bad enough having 50 Seraphim throw cream pies at him and cover him with chocolate sauce, but when he emerged from the showers not finding any of his clothes nor any towels and finding every door in the upper dormitories of the keep locked, then having everyone clamber up the stairs and laughing at his privates, it was terrible.  He had asked them all, one at a time who thought it up.  And finally, stopping at Meludiel, who had the biggest grin imaginable on her face, he said with the best of humour possible, but with as much revenge as he possibly could muster, ‘Oooohh, I’ll get you.’  Meludiel had just laughed, as everyone had, and then Michael had tossed him his robe.


That night Michael had reflected on Daniel’s embarrassment and feared slightly for his sister Meludiel.  But he knew Danny boy and really knew what to expect.  A devilish vengeance, but with the softest of hearts as well.  And then Michael smiled.





Jesus.  Why the fuck would I worry about that cretin.  He’s pathetic.  Fucking pathetic.”

Damien looked down, scared.  Very scared.  “He is not what you think Sat.  Not what you bloody think.  He’s a fucking cunt.  Fucking evil.”

Hey, he is cool if he is evil.”

Not when it’s God’s bloody evil he uses.”

Satan stopped, a little more cautious, and looked at Damien.  “Well, what exactly did he do?”

It wasn’t as bad as that time, but the Father must have been teaching him.  Must have shown him a few tricks of the trade.  I don’t fucking know why he would choose the cunt, but he did.”

Satan stopped, thought it over, and conceded the point.  “Well I am going to have a fucking go anyway.  So what.  It wasn’t that fucking bad.”

Damien looked at him, thinking it over.  “I’ll stick with you for now Satan.  We have been through too fucking much for me not too.  But fuck, mate.  I mean fuck.  When it comes to the day, if he is serious and he means it, then you can fuck yourself.  Every man for himself, you know.  Every man for himself.”

Satan looked at Damien, thought of calling him gutless, but reconsidered.  On this point, perhaps this point alone, he wouldn’t complain.  He’d let him be on that.


*   *   *   *   *


The Dragon?”

Yes John.  And before you say anything, I know the book is bloody dramatic, but it was supposed to be.  It was meant to be that way.”

I didn’t think he had pissed you off that much.  Azazel is a lot worse, don’t you think?”

Very funny.  Azazel has his points.  You should know that.”

So you keep on telling me.  I still don’t know if I fully trust you on that.”

Hey, keep the faith bro.  Keep the faith.”

Yeh, whatever.”


*   *   *   *   *


God thought it over for years.  Years and bloody years but finally, deciding that life may as well have its way, allowed him the planned ending.  It would certainly ruffle feathers for a long time.  Scare the living hell out of people – literally.  But that was the way with revelation, especially a book named it.  He just hoped Jesus would eventually get a grip and not let it go to his head.  But only time would tell on that – only time would tell.


The End

Abraham II

Abram sat with his father Terah, looking at the idol.

'It's just a bloody piece of rock,' said Abram. 'There's no life in the damn thing.'

'Baal is very true and very real,' replied Terah. 'When my father brought me here from Canaan he insisted I not forsake the gods. And you shall be devoted too, my son, and not worship the Lord Yahweh. Bah, he is no creator God. Elohim he may claim to be, but I think not.'

'Elohim is God. He is God Almighty,' replied Abram. 'I don't think this Yahweh cult, though, is really true. Yahweh is not Elohim. I don't know Elohim as Yahweh. He is El Shaddai. He is God Almighty. I do not know this Yahweh.'

'Yet this Noahide Priesthood of Babel insists that Yahweh is the true Creator Elohim himself,' replied Terah. 'It is a puzzle, but like you I fear they are but a cult. Noah served Elohim alone, and the gods also, and not this strange Yahweh they speak of in Babel. Bah, Babel. Only whores and thieves come from Babel. She is whore Babel as far as I am concerned. Nothing modest about her at all.'

'Yes, father,' replied the conservative child of a conservative father.

'Our Baal shall protect us. And he shall lead you one day. Maybe back home, for while I shall die here, I grow sick of this Ur. Canaan is home. Return there my child.'

'Yes, father,' replied Abram. 'As you wish.'

...later, the El Shaddai called upon Abram, and spoke to him to follow the wisdom of his father, yet he travelled to Haran and stayed there with Lot and Sarai. But, in time, they travelled on, and Abram rejoiced in favour from Elohim, and rejoiced in the promise of Covenant he had made with God.

...later still, the Lord returned to visit Abraham again at Mamre, and took time to speak to him.

'The men of Sodom have suffered the judgement of God. The Lord's wrath is always made known upon wickedness and while he is slow to anger and abounding in mercy, when he vents his furious vengeance the wicked are destroyed and even the hills praise his mighty name and account to him the fear due to his glory.'

'Are you God?' asked Abraham to the mighty man.

'I hear the word and speak the word of the Lord, but who are you to ask after my own name. Do you not know it was and is wonderfully formed. I spoke with Adam, the first man, and he knew my company and he knew the Lord's presence. And I spoke with Noah, who escaped the deluge, and I spoke also with Eber and chose the Hebrews, of which you are one, to be a favoured people. But I have singled you out for blessing, so why therefore do you ask after my name?'

And Abraham bowed and said 'Forgive me Lord.'

'In the beginning, Abraham, God created the heaven and the earth. But before then, God created a place were his former children lived, the Cherubim and the Seraphim, and mankind has truly been made in the image of God. And, in truth, I am amongst them, and we have known the children of men since their birth and have guided them, and always shall do. Shall I speak to you of things to come? Things too wonderful for you to know and comprehend?'

'Speak Lord,' said Abraham.

'A chosen people shall be born, and they shall suffer rejection, and rarely find solace. Yet this land shall they inherit, your land, and they shall bring forth a nation and kings and shall be the resting place of God's glory.'

'May the Lord be praised for his mercy,' said Abraham.

'God shall always guide you Abraham. And we, his servants, shall guide you, and you shall know us in time. Yet as you know God as El Shaddai, you do not know him yet as he truly is, nor the name which truly represents him, and thus you shall not know my name till you have known the Lord's, for who am I to usurp the glory of God. But fear not Abraham. I shall be with you and God, the Almighty shall be with thee to bless thee and guide thee and lead thee to thine salvation.'

And the Lord then departed from Abraham, and he rejoiced and found favour with God.

The End



Pharaoh looked at the Hebrew.  “Do you know my power?  The gods I serve can destroy your Yahweh.  He will bow, I tell you.  He will bow.”

Moses stood firm.  His rock would not break.  The man who held life and death over a multitude standing before him would soon bow himself, overcome by the Glory of the LORD.

You are a fool, Moses,” Pharaoh said.

If I am a foolish man why do you yet tremble?  Can not the gods of Egypt withstand a simple Hebrew of stuttering lips?”

Pharaoh looked at him and a distant echo, an eternal ancestral voice said to him, “Child, heed your rebuke.”

Begone from me, Hebrew.  You will taste death before we next meet.”

As you wish,” responded the Prince of Egypt, and hastened to his people.

The End

Angels of Faith


Book 1



'Saruviel Savereign,' said the Dark Lord.  'An angel of incredible wit.  Tolerable, to us, in some ways.  But a nemesis. For he serveth goodness, and not the ideals of our community.  Of our fellowship of evil.  He 'Keeps the faith', and this is not in our best interests.  For the Divine one upon high can go to hell in his stewardship of our souls, as that cretin Uriel maintains.  And his appointment of Saruviel Savereign as his 'Arch-Regent' of Glory in the Realm of Splendour is a pathetic joke, to us, the Dominion of the Dark Ones.  I, Lucifer Malfoy, speak to you, angels of death.  In my human glories, I summon you to our agenda.  Rid the heavenlies of these fowl followers of the faith, who corrupt our Splendid Freedom's we know we utterly deserve, and destroy the power of Saruviel Savereign, and his Victorious counterpart, fair Maiden Victoria, for we shall rule in heaven eternal, and Foundation shall crumble under our power, wrath and might.  Spread evil, spread sickness, run amok, do as you will, for I have gained the heavenlies through the weak mercies of Uriel's naive stupidity, and we shall challenge his foolishness, gain control of the Realm, and rule it for all time to be and come, in the name of Evil.  For the Dominion of the Dark Ones are the true faith of life itself, and death itself, and all that is, and all that is not, for Satan our Saruvim leader, head of the 666 Saruvim Angels of Death, is glorified by our works of darkness, and in the eternal truths we all know so well, the power of the beast shall rise up, defeat Saruviel Savereign, slay that damned Uriel, and combat the man from Nazareth, and his supposedly Kosher Church of his own Beautiful glory, which runs full steam ahead in its conversion of the everyday man, away from the truth and power of his own will, to the servitude of Yeshua, the Man of Gospel, and the Holy One Upon High whom he vainly serves.'

 The demon's growled around the man in the cave, down in the dark reaches of the Abyss of Mt Grazlag, and up above, in the region of Gosheria, in the Realm of Splendour, dark dreams and nightmares filled the minds of the innocent of heaven, as the fowl spirits rose, took to their purpose, and began the war of the heavenlies, the wars of the Realm of Splendour, the war of Faith, with Foundation, Saruviel Savereign and his consort Victoria the Splendid One, Uriel the Archangel upon High, and the supposed saviour of all, the humbled yet glorified Jesus of Nazareth.

 'Victorius, we shall be,' growled Lucifer, as he watched the dark spirits ascend.


The End


Book 2

Uriel and the Wrath of Lucifer Malfoy's Jogging Shoes


'They smell,' said Victoria.

'Pooey,' said Uriel.  'Lucifer!' he yelled.  'Could you please clean the putrid items.'

'Fuck,' said Lucifer. 'You know, Uriel, summoning hell to invade heaven is very messy business.  Forgive me brother.'


Lucifer took them out to the backyard were Lucy was washing the dog.  'Hey babe,' said Lucifer.

'Chauvanist!' yelled Lucy Potter.And

'Sorry babe,' said Lucifer softly.  'You know I love you hon.'

'Go inside and wash the dishes.  NOW!' she demanded.

Lucifer grumbled and obediently went inside, looked at the dishes, and went off to play on his X-Box.


The following morning seven of the dark spirits hovered around the Lord Lucifer.  'They are too tough,' they said.  'They rebuke us incessantly.'

'I know,' said Lucifer.  'I feel the same way too.'


The End




Book 3

Victoria and Lucy Potter's Bad Day


Victoria was in the main room, waiting on Lucy to get home.  Lucifer was up in the back room of the cottage, taking care of some last details for the nights activities, the cottage being were he was currently living with his squeeze, Lucy Potter, a deep crush on the girl, something in his heart, so he claimed.  For heaven's sake, Victoria often thought to herself.  Not the Devil himself.  Not in love with the Devil himself.  But Lucy Potter was dismissive of the obvious truths about Lucifer's bad reputation, and when the devil finally repented a while back in the Realm of Splendour, he hooked up with Miss Potter, chatted on about getting a place up north near the Heart of America in the Realm of Splendour, and they decided not even on Canada in the end anyway, but just over the border in Maine, for Lucy was also a citizen of Canada, and not America, but Lucifer had rights and could give them to an officially formal girlfriend / de facto, under current legal regulations.


So they moved up, Victoria herself, a long term friend and acquaintaince of the famous witch of destiny,agreeing to move in with them in the main house with  Uriel, her current lover, and they were a group of 4 happy souls, living out life, having faith that everything would work out perfectly in this funny and ironic arrangement of life they had found themselves in.


And then Lucy Potter walked into the main room, looking like she had had a bad day, and when she sat down, put on the TV using the remote, and said 'Fuck Everything,' Victoria suspected something was up.


'What's the problem,'sweetie?' asked Victoria, reading her issue of Vogue.

'A shit day,' said Lucy, gawking at the Wolverine carftoon on TV, her current fave, and looking still pissed off.

'Why is that sweetie?' asked Victoria.

Lucy turned to her.  'Don't ask.'

'It can't be that bad,' said Victoria.

'Ok.  You asked.  Well, I get to work this morning, and I find I left my purse in my bedroom, so I can't get any coffee for my pickmeup.  Sure, I can live with that.  Then, come lunch time, I go to the cafeteria, and not one bloody soul will lend me a cent, and the boss said 'There is always water, Loose,' and i said to the bastard, 'Geeze, your great friends.  And you know what, they all had these evil bloody grins on their face.  As if I was the butt of some cosmic joke.'

'Oooh,' said Victoria. 'That could be a downer.'

'But worst of all, 'said Lucy, 'The car got a flat down the road a mile, and I have no money, and the spare is also flat, and I had to walk home in this damn heat, and life just sucks, ok.  Life just sucks.'


'Sweetie.  You just need a little faith.  Now come outside.'


Reluctantly, Lucy got to her feet, and coming out the back she was greeted with a sudden cheer and 'Happy Birthday Lucy', being confronted with all her work colleagues and a beaming Lucifer.

'I hid your purse,' he said to her.  'And I asked them to not give you any money today.  Because today we treat you, Lucy Potter.'


And the party got under way.


Later on, as the night wore on, the music had gotten softer, and most of the revellers had gone home, Lucy was sitting next to Victoria.

'I had completely forgotten it was my birthday,' said Lucy.

'I know,' said Victoria.  'I prayed you would.'

Lucy turned to her, surprised.  'But how did you know your prayer would work?'

Victoria sipped on her grog, and smiled.  'Really, fabulous Miss Lucy Potter.  In this topsy turvy world of the Realm of Splendour, if there is one thing I have learned, it is just to keep the faith.'

'Oh,' said Lucy, somewhat satisfied with that.

'And let love lead the way,' said Victoria, as a somewhat drunk Lucifer came up to Lucy Potter and managed to get her to dance with him to the slow music.


And the night passed on, and another day in the Realm of Splendour came and went, and the angels sang, and, again, all was well. All was well.


The End




Book 4

Uriel's Chinese Wit


'What do you call a lady with one leg shorter than the other?'

'What Uriel?' asked an indifferent Victoria, sitting on the couch, in the front room, the curtains drawn, the heat of the day kept out, for it was quite hot, and the cooler running through the house.

'Ilene,' he said.

She looked at him, and smiled.  'Very funy, Archangel.'


She returned to her issue of Vogue magazine, and then put it down, picked up her ice tea and sipped on it.  It had been a long week, but she had been feeling good.  It was Saturday - the Sabbath - the week's end - and David was away, on a soccer camp, plying his trade.  He visited her occasionally at the moment, and had rented a hotel room downtown somewhat.  They were not officially together, at the moment.  Not officially.  But Mr Beckham was never far from her heart.  They had shared so much history together.  So much love together.


'What do you call a Chinese lady with one leg shorter than the other?'

'What Uriel?' asked Victoria, sipping on her ice tea, lost in through about her ex.

'Irene,' he said.

She looked at him, smiled, and then started giggling.  It was an old joke of Uriel's, but it always brought her a laugh.


Philosophically Victoria had reached a point in life in which she was starting to understand how to enjoy life properly, and how to have the right attitudes towards all and sundry - the right type of faith, as it were.  The right faith - the right beliefs - aligned the thoughts of the heart to a better way of life, which the mind worked best on.  It was the maximum state of true happiness which she had been pursuing, but that was not that easy to obtain, so her gurus had always reminded her.  Everything needed to be working out for good, in the end, for true eternal happiness to be achieved.  And, no matter how hard you strove for the perfect life and happiness - the perfect faith in everything - there were always life circumstances which intervened and reminded you the divine project, whatever that was, was not quite finished yet.


'If the ruler of an Empire is an Emporer and the ruler of a Kingdom is a King, what is the ruler of a Country?'


Victoria turned to look at Uriel.  'That is a most interesting question?  A Prime Minister, I suppose,' she said, with the faintest smile on her face.


'Indeed,' said Uriel.



She returned to her issue of Vogue, and read for a while, a state of quiet happiness upon her, and the day passed.  Uriel passed more of his old jokes, traditional ones he had used time and time again, and another day of happiness passed in the Realm of Splendour.


The End




Book 5

Lucifer's Bad Luck


'Lord's of Misrule.  Answer me.  Uriel's is weak, and we shall conquer heaven's might.  For the time is nigh. Unleash your wrath, and conquer the vanities of splendour forever.'


A demon finally crawled up from the underworld, animatedly appeared and glared at Lucifer.  'You have to be bloody kidding, right?  Not only did we get our butt wipped last time, but formerly timid little gentle ones mocked us, bound us up through extremely faith inspired prayers, and kicked us back to hell in knots which some of us are still trying to get out of.  And before you even suggest us taking on Uriel, that Lucy Potter girl is hell itself.  One bloody wrong look at her, and you'll have gutache and footrot for  months.  She is a furious old bloody witch.'


'For fuck's sake,' said Lucifer.  'The passion of hell.'


'What do you care, anyway?  Life is good for you.  You even, apparently, love the Potter girl.  Or so Satan is heard as saying of late.'


'Shaddup.  My love for Miss Potter is not the concern of yours.  Anyway, you have refused.  Tell Satan our contract is fulfilled for this millennium.  The summonings have been of sufficient wrath and indignation against the glories of heaven, and if you guy's can't handle the heat, then it is not my fault.'


'Fine, fine,' said the demon.  'Hope to see you in hell one day,' and it slithered down, back into the ground, back down to the netherworld.





Lucifer, of course, was an ancient Saruvim, of the 666 Saruvim Angels, long in allegiance with Satan, who headed the host.  But he had long ago gotten over most of his problems, simply out of sheer devotion to and admiration for the Lucy Potter girl, a sweetheart he couldn't get out of his system.  So he went through his contractual obligations with the Saruvim and Hell and summoned them from his luxurious heavenly position, but laughed each time, as of recent millennium, as hell got its butt kicked time and time again.


For the Angels of Faith had finally found their faith.


And Hell no longer prospered because of it.




As he trudged upwards, holding his flashlight, he thought on his woman, Lucy, and realized tonight was pork chops night.  Oh, good.  He loved those pork chops.  And, if he was lucky, she would even have bought some ice cream home after work.


He was unlucky.


It was sticky date pudding.


He slept well, anyway.


The End




Book 6

The Struggle for Faith


'Lucifer.  Just bloody pray about it.'

Lucifer still hacked away at his ingrown toenail, and looked at Lucy.  'Pray?  Me?  To God?  For heaven's sake, you are kidding, aren't you.  That is like, hell.  Like a sin for me.'

'Very funny,' she said.  'Then I will.'  She sat down, put her hands on his toe, and looked upwards.  'God.  Please give this bloody devil a break and heal his toe.  Even though you know so well exactly who he is.'



'He'll never answer the prayer,' said Lucifer that night, eating his spaghetti.  'He hates me.'

'He doesn't hate you,' said Lucy, sipping on her wine.

'He never gave a damn before, you know.  When we were growing up.  Us Saruvim.  We suffered a lot because we never got along well with the community.  And then we fell and the 777 Seraphim opposed us bitterly.  And when the 555 Cherubim turned upon us, well, that was about the end of it.  No friends, caught between a rock and a hard place, and God could go to hell.  So we have never even considered prayer since then.'


'Prayer works.  Have some faith.'


'There is always a catch,' he said.  'Plenty of them that I am aware of.'


'Well.  Have you ever thought of doing something about those catches?'


'Like what?' he asked her, looking at her.


'Like repenting,' she said, straight facedly.


'Repenting?  Me?  You are fucking joking right?  Devil's don't repent.'


'Try it,' she responded.


'Yeh right,' said Lucifer.


'Trust me,' she finished.  He just looked at her for ages, then, finally, returned to his spaghetti, shaking his head.








Even Miracles for Lucifer, in the fulness of time, at the end of the final days of atonement through a reformed lifestyle, can, in fact, happen.


And that night, getting up around 3 O'clock, not finding it easy to sleep, he went downstairs, fished around for some of the spaghetti, and sat in Lucy's den, eating it, playing her PC games.  And then, sitting back, he turned to look at the bookcase, and noticed the Bible.  And then, not even knowing why, he fished it out, opened it up, and started reading.


And he didn't finish reading it until the morning.


The End




Book 7

Faith Completed


The Rabbi handed his student his diploma in Theology.  The student turned to the crowd, raised it up, and the cheer was excellent.  He left the stand, returned to his seat, and watched as the rest of the ceremony unfolded.  He turned to his wife, Lucy.  'Well.  I did it.'

'How are your toes, Lucifer?'

'Excellent,' he said.  'And I am in better health then I have ever been.'

'And how is your heart?'

'Oh.  God.  I feel, very weird.  Like there is actual respect for people, simply because I admire them for their general worth and the goodness within them.  They do kind things for you, sometimes even when you don't deserve it.  I always resented it once, acts of kindness, but now I appreciate them.  They feel good to receive.'










And, in the completion of faith, Lucy Potter asked one of the oldest Devil's the most crucial questions of all.


'And God?'





'Oh, Lucy,' said Lucifer, gave her a hug, and that night, after a quiet prayer to his heavenly father, Lucifer pulled out an ancient parchment, which had been a gift to his from God near his 17th birthday, which had a lesson on it.


'In the end, child of mine, keep the faith.  And I will love you forever.  And write your name down on this sheet if you ever, truly, assent.'



And, taking his pen, he wrote down 'Lucifer' on the parchment, looked at it, smiled, and put it away.


And faith was complete.  And faith was perfect.'


The End



Angels of Faith


Sitting at the River”


(This story has been written for Victoria Adams, who is the Spice Girl known as Posh Spice)


I walked down to the river.  It was Monday morning, early in the day.  I didn’t really have anything better to do and was a bit bored.  It was a long walk and I was tired when I finally arrived.  I sat at the edge of the river, on the sand, and looked at the water.  I looked downstream and looked up at the pine trees.  I really liked looking at the pine trees.  I think I have often noticed what I would call the spirit of Pine Island.  I have had a number of schizophrenic episodes, and often ventured out to pine island.  There was one time when I was still at Potters House Christian Church and had left the group house because I was suffering an attack of paranoia.  I was walking around the countryside on the western side of the river at Pine Island.  I walked a long time and it was a very intense experience.  I remember, during the night, being alone on the western side of pine island, with nobody around, on the other side of the river.  It was a very intense experience.  I remember having some hallucinations thinking on aeroplanes which would drop atomic bombs.  I actually closed my eyes and opened them a number of times and saw the planes way up in the sky.  But when I looked again the planes were gone.  Later in the morning I was on the opposite western side of the river and had hallucinations of cars driving along pine island all the time, from the entrance to the southern car park.  I was scared a bit.


Sitting at the river is ok.  I don’t really get lonely much because I don’t really relate to too many people.  Paul Saberton was alright because he had a good level of biblical theology, but I think he is just stupid clinging to Christian fundamentalist ideas like ‘keeping the faith’ to the level of ignoring other possibilities.  You see, to me, the hype of being very dedicated and having strong convictions is just human pride, trying to pump itself up as something more than it actually is.  Humans are meant to resonate with the facts of life.  With the truth.  They are meant to be themselves and not pretend to be something they aren’t.  All of that is just a façade and hides the true reality of what people are really like.


I personally think the purpose of the bible, as I saw it then, was to correct the negative impulses in human beings.  The impulses towards codes of behaviour which are contrary to a morality, I guess, which is meant to be a type of morality to sustain a person with an eternal existence.  To my way of thinking God desires people who are actually committed to eternal life and brought forth the scriptures to educate people on the principles required for existing eternally.  People complain about the bible and its rules because they want to do what they want and the pleasures found in freedom, which would probably be called hedonism, are very exciting at first.  But, from my observations, sin, which is living a lifestyle contrary to the biblical values, eventually decays away and leaves a person feeling empty and hollow.  Devoid of a true sense of peace and feeling good about themselves.  The biblical values make sense, and I personally think that at the beginning God had all the death penalties in place to kill of all the people who would, in the end, just end up sinning to much and not committing to eternal life with him.  I believe he is a very intelligent being and is capable of making the judgement of those who will simply not commit in the end.  And, as far as I am personally concerned, if they are not committed to living eternally then I don’t care if God wants to kill them off.  I won’t be able to have them as an eternal friend so I really don’t care.


I think God allowed, or probably arranged the Christian faith, with its softer approach, because the level of holiness in mankind’s society had increased to the degree that the strictest standards were no longer required.  At that time there were a lot of people who lived by codes of behaviour contrary to the Torah values, but they were also stable enough in their own societal standards and probably interested enough in the concept of eternal life that the older way of doing things was no longer required.


And now, today, in the 21st century, the rules can soften even further.  God doesn’t have to be as strict anymore, because a huge number of people who like to be homosexual, or fornicate, or commit incest, or paedophilia, or rape or kidnap, or do other things, apart from the minimum standards which the Rainbow Bible promotes, are also interested enough in having eternal life and are willing to commit to the values of the Rainbow Bible, and willing to have an eternal relationship, or at the very least an eternal knowledge of or association with the creator, that he is quite happy to let them live and do what they want to do.


Well, sitting by the River is fun.  This could be a fictional story, you know, if you are reading it.  Or perhaps the viewpoints from a mind who has contemplated such issues.  Whatever it is, this tale is now finished, so good day.




Angels of Faith


Victoria and the Four Elemental Precepts of Existence”


It really is, dear Vicky, a constant matter of debate.  Constant debate.  Universally, all have now acknowledged the Creator as the central axiom of existence, but it appears, as the theologians have constantly maintained, that coming forth from the Creator, out of his eternal power, exist Four Primary Elemental Precepts of Existence, and the constant debate is this – which is the first and which is the last.  It is my personal view that FIRE is the first element of existence.  The first and primary element of existence.  For example, the creator’s very first words were ‘Let there be light.’  And thus, as fire is the primary source of light, it follows logically that fire is the primary element.’


The Creator made water first, which is the ‘Heaven’s’ as Genesis 1 teaches.  Then he made ‘Earth’ as Genesis 1 also teaches.  But his priority was fire for, as it says in Genesis, God’s first words were ‘Let there be Light!’ and, as such, the Creator set ‘Fire’ as his primary element, the only one worthy of his first words.’

What is next?’

His next words were ‘Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters to divide the waters above from the waters below.  Therefore ‘Water’ is the secondary element in God’s priority.’

And next?’

Well, Air can only be created through plants, thus God must have put in place the Plants which produced the Air.  And plants came forth from the Earth.  Therefore Earth is the third element and Air is the fourth element.’

I guess that makes sense.’

So the Four elements in order are ‘FIRE’, ‘WATER’, ‘EARTH’ and ‘AIR’.  Now, the four Primary Angels are Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel and Michael.  Uriel, of course, means ‘Fire of God’, so it seems quite obvious that this angel represents the primary element of ‘Fire.  But the rest of the order of Angelicdom is a matter of dispute.  We are yet to reach a firm conclusion.’

Thank you professor.  Good day.’  Victoria left the office, returned to her Porsche, and took off into the city lights.


*   *   *   *   *


The Flames were burning furiously.  As Victoria watched on the ‘Phoenix’ continued to breathe flames against the ‘Dragon’ and the buildings were all burning in furious wrath in the movie she had rented, ‘War of the Mysticals’.  Uriel was on her mind.  The Angel of Fire – the Angel who ruled the Realm.  This movie’, ‘War of the Mysticals’ had been written, produced and directed by Uriel, one of his many accomplishments.  And, unsurprisingly, it was a product of excellence.  What did fire represent?  What was fire all about?  Of course, it provided heat, cooked food, and gave light so that people could see.  And, as she had learned in some of her recent science lessons, the matter of heat reverberated at an extremely fast rate.  But, of course, it was an element, wasn’t it.  One of the four elements.  Science had taught her the periodic table of elements.  Yet these were classified into four basic structures – Liquid, Solid, Gas and Plasma.  Water was then obviously the elemental class of all the liquid elements, Earth was obviously the elemental class of all the Solid elements, Air was obviously the elemental class of all the Gas elements and, logically, Fire would be the elemental class of all the ‘Plasma’ elements.  But the knowledge of Plasma elements was difficult to obtain.  Was light based on ‘Rays’?  Was it based on ‘Photons’?  What the hell was it based on?’


She went to the fridge, grabbed a can of ‘Coke’ and, drinking it down, thought on the next element.  ‘Water’.  Water, funnily enough, extinguished fire.  It had the power of putting out fire.  But what would happen if you extinguished the ‘Sun’?  The earth would die.  Without the necessary heat from the sun and the vitamins it provided, earth would did.  People couldn’t live without the Sun.  It was essential for survival.  And, thinking about that, water was also essential for a human.  It was impossible to live without water.  It just couldn’t be done.  Water was absolutely essential.  Absolutely essential.  And then, making the leap, she realized that ‘Earth’ was essential for plant life to eat fruits and vegetables, and for the animals to eat to obtain ‘Meat’ and ‘Fish’ and so on.  And of course, it was impossible to live without air.  It really seemed that the four elements were absolutely essential for life.  It was impossible to live without them.  Therefore she had reached this conclusion – they were the Four Elemental precepts of existence.  Absolutely essential.  And life could be maintained and lived permanently upon these four elements.   Mmm.  Good.  Well, then, concentrating on these four elements, she would put the ‘Proud’ fifth element of ‘Love’ in its place, and simply live by the Four elements.  For a little angel had just whispered to her that, in the end, those who loved, didn’t quite make it.  As Queen sang ‘Too much love will kill you.’  Now, the point of disputation this angel had was ‘Just as sure as none as all,’ which was the continuation of the lyric.  But the angel pointed out to her that Freddy was also ‘Gay’, which meant, quite obviously, he relied on the scriptural passage which said ‘Love covers a multitude of sins’.  But ‘The wages of sin was death’.  As simple as that.  And as the angel told her, Daniel had judged that that ‘Love’ guy was messing around with elements not belonging to him and that, the fatal price to pay, was inevitably death.  As simple as that.


But what elements are for us, then dear Angel?  Do we have any happiness?’

Yes.  Ask Daniel.  Here is the email address.’  And that said, the angel gave Victoria Daniel’s email address, and she proceeded to email him the question.


*   *   *   *   *


Love is for fool, Vicky.  Love is for fools.  An emotional animal which dies away.  An emotional animal which ends up in hatred and conflict, consumed with its opposites.  Don’t you know, dear Vicky, opposites attract.  It is a neverending emotional conflict of hate and love.  Really, it gets quite frustrating in the end.  I mean, come on, ‘God versus the Devil’.  Neverending pain.  Of course, I wear the title of the Devil occasionally, for a bit of entertainment and too teach the fools some lessons.  But I am not really the Devil.’



Natural.  Not given over to emotional twisting and blackmail.  Not give over to the lusts of the heart out of control.  Not stupid enough to fall for love which, inevitably, fails.  It inevitably fails.’


There are purer spirits, Vicky.  Purer spirits.  And while so many of them try to get your attention, off they go to love in the end.  Off they go submitting to the God of love.  Oh, they feel good, they are awesome, they feel wonderful.  But they’re not for you.’



Vicky finally responded.



And what is your element, Mr Daly?’



*   *   *   *   *


A lack thereof.’



*   *   *   *   *






And why is that?’








*   *   *   *   *






















Because I wasn’t born yesterday, dear Miss Adams.  I wasn’t born yesterday.’









Angels of Faith”


David’s Dilemma”


Football.  It really was one of his main preoccupations.  Of course, his team hadn’t won the world cup yet – only the earlier generation had done that.  But David was focused.  Very focused.  It might not be easy making the team this time.  There was strong talent out there, and he was getting a little older.  And, as such, he was in a dilemma.  Should he just let it go, or was there something in the heart of David Beckham.  Was there some spark of fire – some little flame which said, dead in the still of night, don’t quit yet.  Glory for England had, usually, been a thing of the Victorian era.  Usually the Victorian era.  But, of course, that still, quiet voice said to him, in the softest of sarcastic ways, ‘Well who the hell did you marry anyway?’


Thinking it over, and thinking it was time to ‘Get Hard’ and really show some English Guts, DB put on his running shoes, left the house, and went off for a 30 mile walk.  It would be a long walk, but this time he would not quit on it.  He was going to have to be even fitter than before, even fitter.  And, in the months just before the start of the tournament, a big 300 mile walk over several days was on the agenda.  That would ‘Toughen’ him up and give him the attitude necessary to lead the team to glory.  It was hard, out there in that summer heat, walking all day long.  But champions never had it easy, in the end.  They never had it easy.


Having grabbed his MP3 player just before he left, he set it too Vicky’s albums on non-stop repeat.  His inspiration would guide him through and home.  And Glory for England and the Kingdom was his certain reward.


*   *   *   *   *


It was late that evening.  He had left at about 11 in the morning and it was now almost 12 Midnight.  It had been gruelling near the end, but as he climbed the steps up to his home, Victoria opened the door, smiled at him, kissed him and said ‘Come on.  I will put the bath on and give you a good meal.  And then some special desert.’

What is special desert?’

Why strawberries and cream of course.’

Just like the old days.’


*   *   *   *   *


Day 21 and he was nearly home.  And on schedule.  The pace had been demanding, and while his body ached, it had toughened up as well.  He was hard now.  Hard, and focused.  Ready for the challenge.  He was not really certain what the other teams were focusing on or how they were preparing, but it didn’t matter.  England would be strong.  They would be competitive.  They would likely have the cutting edge in power.  This time, it seemed, victory would be there’s.  He prayed a silent prayer to God to give him strength, and powered on home.  And now, destiny awaited.  Destiny, and the glory of a nation.  All on the shoulders of David Beckham.



David's Dilemma II”

The Glory had come. The Glory had gone. Here he was, at the end of a long and successful career, a man who had conquered the world, the ultimate Gillette model, the best a man could get. David Beckham. Supreme sports star and personality of the English football scene. Legend. Admired by everyone. What more could he want?

Something to do, actually.

Coz David was bored shitless. The sponsorship cheques came regularly. He handed them to his accountant. His accountant banked them. Then he sat in the front room of their place, reading Sports Illustrated, and looking like he had the perfect life.

Jesus Christ, was he bored shitless.

'You just need a new focus,' said Victoria.

David agreed.

'How about modelling?' suggested Victoria.

'Been there, done that,' responded David.

'Coaching?' queried his wife.

'Too predictable. Everyone expects that,' replied David.

'Oh, you'll figure it out I suppose,' said Victoria, puzzling on her husband's ironic lack of direction.

It came to him, all of a sudden, sitting on the white cliffs of Dover, with his wife, at a picnic with the family.

If Victoria could do it, why not David?

* * *

4 months later David Beckham's first E.P., the rap masterpiece 'Dodgin' Coppers' was released. It got to number 7 on the urban charts. He was a bit of a hit. Victoria smiled. Called the E.P. a bit of a shit, actually, but nobody was concerned in David Beckham recording land. David suggested Victoria rap with him on the upcoming full album. Victoria, politefully, declined.

His career, after that, lasted another 6 months. The album was released, the first single failing to chart entirely, and the album selling only 3000 copies after 10 weeks worldwide. It had been called the single greatest rotten tomato in the history of rap music by a particular critic. Victoria, humbly, agreed.

So David picked out the sport illustrated magazine, read it faithfully in the front room, and when Victoria suggested they go out for strawberries and cream late on afternoon, it made his day.


The End

David's Dilemma III”

'David. Do you remember, on Terra, on Earth, when we met. You were a soccer player, forgive me, a football player, and you said you loved me.'

David nodded, not looking up from his game of chess he was playing against his son.

'Well if you love me, I have something to ask of you,' said Victoria.

'Oh no. Here we go,' said David Beckham.

'Take the bloody job coaching England. Gascoigne is finished. He's had 50 years in the job and wants to move on. They've always wanted you. Ever since coming to heaven they've wanted you. Sure, you wanted to play again, and you did, but this sedate lifestyle. Give me a break hubbie. It's not you.'

David looked at Victoria steadily for a while, nodded, and returned his focus to his game of chess with his son. 'I'll think about it,' he eventually replied.

Later on, David was alone, out the back of their London mansion, thinking on his future. Coaching. Come on. It was predictable. He'd maintained that for years now. But what else was he good at? The fire and passion for playing again had come and gone, and new arrivals were always coming in from earth, and staying fit and passionate enough to match their zeal was always challenging. But coaching? Heck, he could do that forever. Perhaps, in a strange way, that was his real destiny. Charting England to world cup glory. The earlier heavenly generation of England had managed it 3 times in a row, but they'd never tasted glory since. Perhaps it was about time. Fly the patriot colours. Do his best for King and Country. Rapping hadn't worked. The album had fizzled extraordinarily, and 3 years later it had barely managed 10,000 sales, that with a huge empire of David Beckham devotees. They just didn't dig the rap thing, and the critics panned the album relentlessly. So, what next? Get over it. Do his coaching. Face what he was probably good at and get on with the job. He had sponsorship deals, of course, which would probably go on forever practically. But eventually you had to live up to your name again, because people often did forget, even the greats. Coaching. Coaching England. What else was there really.

Victoria came into the bedroom. She had cucumbers on her eyes, a beauty secret, and she laid down, and relaxed.

'Ok,' said David.

'Ok what?' asked Victoria.

'I'll take the coaching job.'

'David!' yelled Victoria in glee, and as cucumber slices went flying, Victoria jumped on her man, kisses everywhere, and David was, once again, the hero in his wife's life.

But a challenge awaited, and David's dilemma, for the time being, had been resolved. But what the future held? Well God only knows.

The End

Angels of Faith


Through the Realm of Splendour to the Heart of Hope”



Saruviel Savereign sat in quiet contemplation.  ‘What was the purpose of the Realm of Splendour, in the end?  What was its grand and great purpose in the design of God?  Of course, there was something in the heart that told him, something whispered in dreams, that he had been before.  That, in some way, in some other life, he had been, had partaken of Glory, and then had rested for a while.  And then he had lived again and rested again.  And then again.  And perhaps that had been all that had been, those lifetimes, but here he was again.  Again, on a new road, on a new destiny.  Saruviel had hope in life, now.  In some ways he had known in his heart that in earlier lifetimes he had lacked this hope somewhat.  That he had lacked this faith in life, this belief and desire for good things in the future.  But now he had faith in hope.  He was an angel of faith who had faith in hope, and a desire for good things to come for him in life, as well as for others.  He loved his daughter, Jenny Savereign, a child who was continually displaying love, affection and kindness towards all those around her.  She was a treasure, dear Jenny.  A pure treasure.


But now he sought purpose in life.  A purpose for his realm, the realm he had charge over, and dare he say it, glory?  Should he really seek such passions?  In the end, perhaps not.  Quiet glories, more calming, more relaxing, as in the still of the night.  Darker more restful passions.  Darker, gentler, quieter spirits.  And for the Realm of Splendour, its splendour, in his heart, Saruviel knew to be a quiet splendour, gentle and restful, refreshing the soul, and being a solace for those visitors from other realms when they frequented in their walks of life.


He thought on his new consort.  Victoria.  Victoria had been with several partners over her age long life, and had begotten a number of children.  But presently she was entertaining her soul and heart in the arms of Saruviel Savereign.  They would not marry for Victoria had told him in no uncertain terms that she’d married enough in her life and that partnerships and friendships, consorts and lovers, were now the thing of the day for her.  And, as such, she could move from one lover to the next, enjoying the beauties and treasures the hearts of the children of God who admired her could offer her.  She told him, once, she still maintained friendship with most of her past lovers, but something she communicated early on in the relationship was this:  “Lovers come, lovers go, in truth you will find an eternal home.”


He thought on those words.  In some ways they could cut a heart, and he dared say that Victoria had cut many hearts in her lifes sojourn.  But what else could she really do?  What else, really?  So many had adored her, her charms, her love, her beauty?  Surely she must subject herself to those passions, but then?  Well, she had a fair number of passionate lovers to satisfy, and while she remained faithful, so she said, to a certain few of them who really touched her, she loved them all and walked on through her fantasy life, enjoying the splendours life offered her, and touching those who loved her with her graces, passions, fantasies and joys.


And, in truth, knowing her situation, and her own frail angelicdom, how could he really find fault.  And so, in the time he had with her, he would love her, show her grace, and entertain her with the glories the Realm of Splendour had to offer.


*   *   *   *   *


Still waters.  Gliding across.  Floating.  Calm.  Graceful.  Peace.  Peace.  Peace.


Gentle heart.  Gentle soul.  Gentle hands.  Gentle arms.  Gentle Man.


Saruviel was her hearts rest right at this very moment in time.  Lying in his arms, on the still waters of Lake Neverending, floating on the ‘Boat of Dreams’, in the still of eternal twilight of this part of the Realm, her heart was at rest.  Her heart was at peace.  She watched as the Doves above, the blue doves of the realm, flew across the sky, headed for an unknown destination.  She watched and let her heart slip away into the bliss of Neverending, into the bliss of the Realm of Splendour.


A little later a white Dragon flew by overhead, breathing soft light yellow fire out of its mouth, its wings flapping in slow, steady fashion, pursuing whatever agenda was on its mind.  And suddenly a Golden Dolphin lunged out of the water near the boat, twirled in mid air, and returned to its cool sanctuary.  This was life, it seemed, in the Realm of Splendour.  A realm full of all the wonders and treasures of the heart and mind of God.


Gentle heart.  She loved him.  Gentle soul.  She loved him.  Gentle hands.  She appreciated them.  Gentle arms.  She needed them.  Gentle Man.  She loved him.


Still waters.  Gliding across.  Floating.  Calm.  Graceful.  Peace.  Peace.  Peace.


*   *   *   *   *


A Sprite appeared to Victoria in the dead of the night, awakening her from her slumber.  The Sprite was a ‘Cumbulian’ sprite, a rarer breed of sprites in the Realm of Splendour.  It spoke these words to Victoria after having woken her from her sleep.  ‘The things of the day, the things of the night, in sequential harmony, a happy delight.  Through a Realm so splendid, with your guiding light, your heart of hope, is fair Saruviel’s might.’

And then the sprite disappeared, through the window of the castle tower, off flying into the twilight bliss.


Watching it go she puzzled whatever those words could possibly mean but, eventually letting the puzzle remain just that, returned to her resting place, letting those words echo into her soul as she searched again for quiet repose.


*   *   *   *   *


She looked on as the Fateful Four, four powerful white rabbits battled the Fearsome Five, five extraordinary orange turtles, in a game of ‘Superball’.  It was a bright sunny day in the Realm of Splendour and she was relaxed, happy and at peace.  She took another sip from her cocktail glass and looked over at Saruviel.  He seemed content, watching the game, and his daughter, young Jenny, who was flirting wildly with some of the younger male angels in attendance at the tournament of Superball champions.


Goal!’ yelled one of the white rabbits, having just scored.  The turtles looked upset, but still held a five to four lead.  It would be close.


Is the match entertaining you, dear Victoria?’ inquired the Lord Savereign.

It is a pleasant affair.  The beverages are quite fine, though.  Is there any more ice?’

Saruviel motioned a servant over and had him fetch some more ice.  He returned promptly with a cold ice bucket and some more bottles of chilled alcoholic beverages.


As she watched on the turtles eventually emerged triumphant 7 to 5 and would now play off in the next and final game of the tournament, against the ‘Six Splendid Serpents’.


And who should I wager the victory upon, dear Vicky?’

Why the Six Splendid Serpents, dear Saruviel.  Who else?’

So shall it be.’  Saruviel motioned for a servant and instructed him to place a thousand credit bet on the Six Splendid Serpents with the bookies.

Let us hope your intuition fairs us well, dear maiden,’ said Saruviel, watching on anxiously as the match got under way.


45 minutes later, the second half just concluding, Saruviel was presented with a coupon honouring him for 1500 credits, his winnings.  He glanced at Victoria.  ‘You have brought me good luck today, fair maiden.  We shall have a wonderful dinner as your due reward.’

Gracious host,’ she said, bowing her head to him.


*   *   *   *   *


They were at ‘Cuisine on High’, a restaurant atop Mt Hadranas, the highest mountain peak in the Realm of Splendour, the highest restaurant, and by far the most expensive.  The entrée itself cost over 1000 credits.  But her lord, Saruviel, had promised her the finest cuisine money could buy as her reward for his good luck and having flown to the Hadranas province later in the day, they had journeyed up the cable cars to the restaurant and were delighted with the best view of Hadranas the province could offer.


What should we eat, fair maiden.  The menu is yours.  Whatever you choose.’

Victoria looked through the menu and found a dish she liked.

Oysters for the entrée would be ideal,’ she said.  ‘And duck for the main course would be lovely.’

As you wish.’


They chatted for a while, reflecting on the last few days together, when the entrée arrived.  Saruviel took a sip of wine and split open an oyster which had not been opened.  And, surprise of surprises, a pearl greeted him.  He took it out, looked it over, and presented it to his maid.  ‘Your luck is beyond measure, fair maiden, and I thus present you this pearl for your honour.’

Thank you, kind sir,’ she replied, and took the pearl, placing it into her purse.


The night passed with fine food and song, and Victoria caught Saruviel looking at her occasionally from the corner of her eye, apparently quite taken with his current consort.


*   *   *   *   *


When Victoria wed Saruviel she had come through a journey of the heart.  She had chosen this prince of the Realm for many reasons, not least of which his esteemed position and his glorious name.  Yet there was something else.  Something in the sophistication and quite charm of Saruviel.  His heart was full of hope for life and the future.  It was disguised in romanticism and frivolity over the realm they lived in, but it was honest and true and she trusted it.


She had hope for a good marriage, a lasting marriage, not necessarily an eternal one, for she disdained such realities.  But he was a brave soul, and as they caroused through the realm of Splendour she softly admired his grace and charms and found quite comfort in the choice her soul had made.






Victoria and the 6th Primal Element”



Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Born in ‘Kingston Upon Hull’ in the United Kingdom

On the 20th of November, 1972 CE, aka the First Day of Purple 9 BKW (9 Years Before Kimberley Walsh) or 0 DD (0 Daniel Daly) in the Six Hexellavere Yearly System.


The Six Hexellavere’s are:

Purple (The 20th of November to the 19th of January),

Red (The 20th of January to the 19th of March),

Orange (The 20th of March to the 19th of May),

Yellow (The 20th of May to the 19th of July),

Green (The 20th of July to the 19th of September),

Blue (The 20th of September to the 19th of November).


There are approximately 60 days in each Hexellavere.

The full 6 Hexellaveres are called a ‘Year’.

45 ‘Years’ in a row are called a ‘Natural Cycle’.


9 Years in a Row are called an ‘Era’.

There are ‘5’ ‘Eras’ in a ‘Natural Cycle’

The 5 Eras are called

1) ‘Daniel’ (eg 20th of November 1972)

2) ‘Kimberley’ (eg 20th of November 1981)

3) ‘   ‘ (eg 20th of November 1990)

4) ‘   ‘ (eg 20th of November 1999)

5) ‘  ‘ (eg 20th of November 2008)


There are ‘4’ ‘Cycles’ in an ‘Epoch’


9 is Daniel’s Lucky Number

The Shamrock has 3 Leaves.

3 Shamrock’s are called a ‘Collection’ of Shamrocks.

A ‘Collection’ of Shamrocks has 9 leaves.


Within the Natural Cycle comes


The number of Intelligence is 45.

The number of Eternity is 45.

The number of Infinity is 45.

The number of Truth is 45.


The Natural Cycle is based on


The number of Daniel is 45 in both the ‘Natural Cycle’ system

And the English Noahide Gematria Ordinal Equivalent system.


The Standard Julian Calendar is used to follow the yearly system, as society currently maintains.  We do not worry about trying to have ‘Exact’ solar years in length, as this is practically impossible to maintain in the Julian system.  Thus the ‘Hexellavere’ system is a close ‘Approximate’ yearly system.  It is quite sufficient.  Of course, we recognize the ‘Solstice to Solstice’ as the perfect measurement of the Solar Year.  Further we recognize the natural cycles of Plants and Animals throughout the year as often measuring the Yearly system.




Victoria wasn’t stupid.  ‘You are using ‘Arse’ Daniel.  Nothing but a lot of ‘Arse’.  I mean, come on.   You’re making it all up.’


Daniel looked at his beloved Vicky.  ‘Hey, some fucker has to start these things.  May as well be me.’

And I suppose you get all the glory, huh?’

May as well.’






So what is the 6th Primal Element.’



Fixing up your mistakes.’




Repentance, Sorrow, Atonement.  Oh, and simply making corrections in things when you have made mistakes.  Learning, in other words.  Learning.’



Mmm.  Interesting.’



That’s right, cupcake.  I wasn’t born yesterday.’



Ok.  Oh, and the Seventh?’






And who is that?’






And what is beyond Perfection, Mr Daly?’



Oh, well, seeing as you are showing actual intelligence, I will fill you in.  Once you have achieved perfection, nothing more is asked of you.  You are complete and needing nothing more.  But you can increase in levels of quality.  Perfection is simply a base level.  It has no flaws, no problems, no sins, no unpleasant bits.  It is simply, though, at a less complex level.  There is nothing wrong with Perfection.  For example, the English Alphabet of 26 letters is a ‘Perfect’ Alphabet.  And the standard English Dictionary is a ‘Perfect’ Dictionary.  But further levels of complexity can be achieved.  This needs to be remembered, and will inevitably be remembered – the base level is fine – we are simply progressing in knowledge and complexity – we have no problems with the lower levels.  Just a lot of friendly rivalry.’




Think nothing of it.  Glad to be of help.’







Angels of Faith





Her.  You can’t be serious.’

I am.’

Well, if you insist.’  Jock McGarran signalled for the master of the deck to bring in Victoria.


A few moments later, entering the ‘deck’ as it was called, escorted by the master of the deck, Victoria stood before the council of thought.


You do know our authority, don’t you Victoria?’

I am aware of it,’ responded Victoria Adams.

You are aware of Uriel’s commission towards the Council of Thought.  Of our role in the Realm of Splendour.’

I have read something of the literature.’

Jock McGarran nodded.  ‘Admittance to the Council of Thought by a woman is not uncommon.  Neither is it that common, lady.  Neither is that common.’

I have served with fidelity and truth.  I have kept the commission of an Arch-Guardian, and reprimanded the wicked, speaking the words of FOUNDATION.  I have been honourable,’ said Victoria, in her defense.


Jock considered her.  She stood there with a quiet posture, but one of strength.  Strength appropriate for an Arch-Guardian.  She had a confidence, unlike so many others.  So many of the trillions of souls in the Realm of Splendour who went there merry way with little thought for law and order – for preserving the teachings of FOUNDATION – for living lives worthy of those called to there heavenly reward by the grace of Lord Uriel.


Do you have eternity in you, Victoria Adams?  Do you have eternity in you?’

Victoria stood there.  She would not answer that question.


Jock stared at her and turned to Dennis Leary, the one who had suggested her.  ‘Do you have questions for the candidate?  We have one more of the proposed list of 7.  If this is the one you desire, query her to bring forth elucidation as to why we should accept a woman.


Dennis nodded.  ‘Victoria.  What is the unknown element?’

Jock smiled to himself.  Nobody ever answered this question correctly.


Victoria stood there, firm, knowingly.  ‘Why, I am the unknown element.’

Jock was stunned.  He asked her the second question, butting in.  ‘And what is the mystery of the unknown element, dear Victoria?’

Now that would be telling,’ she said, in the cutest of voices, in the cutest of smiles, and Jock nodded to himself.  Indeed, she knew to answer well.


They saw one other candidate, and sat in review.  4 hours they discussed each candidate they had known for many years now, and Jock was left with the final decision for two of them.

She is indeed a woman,’ he said to the council.  ‘She is indeed a woman.’



Victoria Adams was promoted to the ‘Council of Thought’ in the Realm of Splendour.  Practically the highest role capable of achievement by a woman in the heavenlies – practically.  But could she ever really challenge for Arch-Regency.  A woman had never known the job but, technically, could.  Technically.



She was brought to the ceremony, blindfolded, and stood in a room filled with men.  They put a black robe on her, with a Scarlett sash.  They placed a coronet on her forehead, a coronet of a princess, and kneeled in front of her.  The 99 strong assembly then stood, and came forward, patting there 100th and newest addition on the back, welcoming her to the council of thought.  Glory she had achieved indeed.


The End



Foundation’s Beginning


Foundation exists to serve.  Foundation exists to rule.  Foundation exists for wealth.  Foundation exists for the eternal glory of those who become foundation.  Foundation is the be all and end all of your life, now, dear servants of the Creator of Glory, for Foundation is You and You are foundation.’


Victoria said nothing.  Those kneeling in front of the ‘Arch-Supremator’ said nothing.  They had no permission to speak, and the punishment would be severe if they in fact did so.  The Arch-Regent, ruler of the Council of Thought came forward.  ‘Honourable Arch-Supremator.  These are your servants.  Servants of the rule of law of Foundation.  Servants of the Truth of God’s glory.  Welcome them, I adjure you, by the mercies of the Living God, into service for the Realm of Splendour.’


The Arch-Supremator said nothing.  The words of the Arch-Regent were correct and according to the protocols of ceremony.  He raised his divine staff, and pointed it in the direction of the Servants of Foundation.  ‘Honorary members of the Council of Thought.  Foundation is your beginning, and Foundation is your ending.  Arise, servants of the Glory of the Resplendid one Upon High, and claim your destiny.’


They stood, as one, and came forward, and each received a small staff, a foot long in length, as befitted their statuses.  Each received, and bowed to the Arch-Supremator, honouring his esteemed status, and walked past the Arch-Regent, each giving him a little bit of a wink or a smile, as was acceptable, and proceeded along the pathway out of the ceremony hall.





Later on, with a number of her fellow council of thought members in quite an intoxicated state, Victoria was feeling good.  She was, officially, now a member of ‘Foundation’ alongside the 7 other newer members of the Council of Thought which had been accepted into the Jurisdiction and Ruling Authority of the Highest body of law and power in the Realm of Splendour.  Officially, as a member of the Council of Thought, you were a servant of Foundation but not a member of Foundation – you had no direct influence on policy, but carried out your duties without question or concern.  Yet, when officially inducted into the elite of the Council of Thought, those members chosen for and accepted officially into Foundation, of which the Council of Thought was a functioning body of, your status grew and you were presented your first staff.  Officially, there were 8 staffs, but only 7 were available.  Nobody could claim ‘Moses’ staff, lest he voluntarily gave it up, which he had yet to do.  The Lawgiver of Torah ruled Foundation, the Arch-Supremator answerable directly to him.  Foundation was one of the 3 divine bodies of law which ruled the Realm of Splendour.  The Sanhedrin of Rabbinic Wisdom was one of the other bodies, which ruled spiritual law, and the civic council of Governance ruled everyday mundane matters of civil law and rule.  Moses, naturally, was the higher power behind each of the 3 seats of law, and had the 3 staffs of power because of it.  Yet, so it was stated in the divine codes, if Moses were to ever choose a successor, so he could by his own authority granted him by the Most High.


Foundation itself was the culmination of the work of Torah and Civil governance.  It was the final prize of God’s glory – representing the unification of both works and the official pronouncement of the hidden mysteries and knowledges of creation, and the power to control and rule the universe with all its divine and physical laws and rules.  The Council of Thought, which was one of the bodies of Foundation, ruled the hearts and minds of men, analysing their consciences, analysing their desires, analysing their good and evil impulses, and judging them accordingly.  It was on such a council that Victoria sat, one member of one hundred, with a vast dominion of servants beneath her.


It was, indeed, an awesome responsibility.  It was an awesome life and calling after all.  And as she steadily grew more tipsy, joining her fellow new foundation members, she prayed a silent prayer to the eternal glory upon high, thanking him for his gracious calling upon her life.  Thanking him most sincerely.


The End



Victoria and Foundation’


Victoria.  One must have faith in God.  One must have faith in truth.  One must have faith in love.’

Yes, Master Moshe.’

Are you sure this ‘Daniel’ you speak of is an angel of faith.’

He is as I,’ responded Victoria.

An Angel of Faith?’ he questioned, not looking at her.  She said nothing.


Moses sat on his throne of glory, gazed out at the entourage of the court, the three staffs of power standing in their sockets on the front of the thrones floor, just in front of Moses.


I need not a successor of poverty in faith.  I need not a successor in grave disbelief of the power and authority of the Most High.  This Daniel has serious defects of character that we have heard reports of.’


Victoria stayed silent.


He is known to visit daughters of darkness for carnal pleasure.’


Victoria said nothing.


His sarcasm and mockery are well recorded.’


Victoria spoke not a word.


His reputation is highly questionable.’



Victoria finally spoke.  ‘His genius is beyond that of mortals – it is beyond that of angels – it is divine.  He has – a way.  A way with words, which convince you of great things.  His way to inspire others is profound.  His knowledge of the 3 branches is immaculate.’


These things are true and known,’ said Moshe to the court in general.  Nobody stirred.


Moses looked at the head of foundation.  ‘Tis a risk, dear, dear Victoria.  Tis a risk.’


You would rather continue into perpetuity in your chosen role?’ she said boldly, looking right into his eyes.




Moses looked at her, but spoke not.  Her candidate had been proclaimed.  The two others – David Rothchild and Jesus of Nazareth were also to be considered.  Victoria had put forward her name.  He would be considered.





Daniel looked down.  It was about 30 feet down to the dirt.  He had no shoes on.  He could break a leg.  Fuck, he could break his back.   He could end up a cripple.  Was it worth it?  Was the glory worth the price?


Dutch courage, son,’ he told himself.


He stepped off.




Victoria sat in the hall of silence, and gazed at the complex patterns on the floor.  They had been re-arranged.  It was a necessity.  The choosing of Daniel as the ultimate authority over the 3 staffs of power decreed a rearrangement of things out of a sense of divine protocol.  Victoria had not objected.


How would things be now?  Under Daniel?  How would the world change?  How would things be?  Was Victoria the greatest of fools?  Or was Victoria as wise as she hoped herself to be.


Time, as they say, would tell.  Only dear, dear, time.


The End





Angels of Faith


Uriel and the Dragon



Chapter One


Uriel, Uriel, Uriel.  What are we to do with an angel as stupid as yourself?  For the firstborn Divine Angel of the Realm of Splendour, you really are thick, aren’t you?’  Sitting in the heart of the Realm of Splendour, on the district of Pelnaphora, north-east of Zaphora, sitting at a table, in a café, in downtown Beijing, current capital city of Pelnaphora district, Uriel, chinese angel of Glory, smiled at the angel Xaddadaxx’s comment.  He was sitting with Xaddadaxx, Kalan and Mallintor, three close Cherubim angel friends.  They had, over the last few hundred thousand years, become something of a little friendship club.  It had begun when Uriel and his twin Karel were visiting them, had dropped in on Azion the Golden City, and had found the 3 Cherubim angels at another lunch place, caught up on old happenings, and sort of developed a friendship.  And now the 4 of them were a close-knit unit which saw each other quite a lot.


I know,’ said Kalan.  ‘We kidnap him and sell him into slavery to an Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi.  They usually don’t mind such things as slaves.’

Uriel?  A slave?’ said Mallintor.  ‘He wouldn’t last a bloody day.’

Perhaps I should sell the three of you into slavery,’ responded Uriel, which brought some chuckles from the group.


Xaddadaxx brought out a comic.  It was from DC-Asia, and it featured the popular Asian Batman known by his real name, funnily enough, as ‘Jackie Chan’ which was Uriel’s human name.  ‘So, do you read your adventures very much?’ Xaddadaxx asked Uriel.

Very funny,’ responded Uriel.  ‘It is only loosely based on me.  Everyone knows that.’

I don’t know,’ responded Xaddadaxx.  ‘There are a lot of things I notice in it after a while.  A lot of things.  Anyway, Batman fights ‘The Dragon’ in this issue.  His most deadly adversary.  Check this out.’  Xaddadaxx turned to the last page of the comic, and it showed the dragon biting off a finger of the Batman, with blood spurting everywhere.’

I bet that hurt,’ said Kalan.

It’s not real,’responded Uriel.  ‘Just fantasy.’

What do you reckon, lads,’ said Xaddadaxx.  ‘Do you think Uriel, Batman here, could fight the real Dragon in real life?’

He’d get his ass kicked,’ said Kalan.

The beast would devour him,’ said Mallintor dramatically.

Uriel looked at the picture of the Dragon.  Supposedly the Dragon was modelled on the figure of ‘Bane’ in the American Version of the Comic.  Bane had once broken Batman’s back, in an ancient earth issue, and along with the Joker was Batman’s most feared and hated opponent.

He does look pretty spectacular,’ said Kalan.

Uriel wouldn’t stand a chance,’ said Mallintor.

Xaddadaxx stared at Uriel.  ‘What do you reckon, Uriel?  How would you go?’

I’d do fine,’ responded Uriel, looking at the dread Dragon.  ‘He is only human after all.  I have experience on my side.’

Interesting,’said Xaddadaxx stroking his chin, his mind working on overtime.  ‘I’ll have to remember that.’


They continued going through the comic, ordering cappuccinos and lattes as the afternoon passed, and as Uriel fell asleep that night, next to his twin Karel, his dreams were full of Jokers and Riddlers and a very dark and dangerous looking Dragon right at the dramatic ending.



Chapter Two


Uriel woke in a sweat.  The Dragon had had him cornered, again, for the 7th night in a row, and he woke suddenly, unable to defeat his opponent.  He tried to shake the dream from his mind, and getting up, turning on the shower, he reminded himself again – it was only a dream.


At the breakfast table Karel looked at him seriously.  ‘Perhaps you should get some help.  See a dream doctor, or something.  This isn’t normal.  No matter the games Xaddy likes to play, this is just not normal.’

Dream doctor?’ queried Uriel.

Down town.  Near the central hospital.  Doctor Chiu is very qualified.  He has dealt with me before, don’t you remember?’

Uh, no,’ said Uriel, munching on a piece of toast.  ‘Besides, they are only dreams.  They don’t mean anything.’

Dreams are fundamental portents on life, Uriel.  Don’t be so naïve.’

He looked at her, and decided what the hell.  ‘What’s the address?’

She fished around in her bag, produced an old card, and handed it to him.

So you’ll go?’ she asked.

I’ll think about it,’ responded Uriel.


*   *   *   *   *


Uriel sat in the waiting room of Dr Chiu’s dream centre.  There were a few other people waiting on the doctor, regular looking people, the kind of people you wouldn’t normally expect to have problems with dreams.  But everyone suffered nightmares at times, didn’t they?  Around the walls of the centre were posters and diagrams of all sorts, very new agey looking, very dreamscape looking.  One poster featured a head of a male human, with clouds in the background, and a pentagram figure overlaying the picture, with strange symbols in a circular fashion encrusting the pentagram – almost satanic symbolism, to the wondering Uriel.  There were astrological symbols of the Zodiac as well as the Chinese symbols everywhere.  Also, there was a flowing water fountain in the centre of the waiting room, with what looked like goldfish and the noise of a ribbiting frog was emerging from it.  It was also filled with little figurines of angels and fairies and the like.  The epic was a wall banner of wool felting which had ‘Dreams’ written on it in various colours, and it seemed, in a strange way, quite comforting to Uriel.  There was also burning incense smell in the room, little packages of ‘FREE’ soap hanging around on the magazine tables, and a number of other little signs with various proverbs written on them all around the lower half of the walls.  Finally, there was a mural on the roof with mermaids in the centre of it, and anxious looking sailors seemingly desiring them.  It was a very strange feeling and, coupled with the New Age music pouring forth from hidden speakers, it was as if he had stepped into another world.  A world of fantasy.


The receptionist spoke his name and he came forward.  ‘Dr Chiu will see you now.  She is very professional, so you needn’t be concerned.’

I thought Dr Chiu was a man?’

Oh, he is.  He married not long ago, and his wife works here as well.  They are both very professional, so you needn’t worry about anything.  Just tell him all your concerns.  That door, there?’ she said pointing.  ‘The Red door.’

Uriel nodded, came over to the door and knocked, and was immediately greeted with a very attractive Chinese lady, dressed in green, like a princess, her hair all done up, and smelling wonderful.  ‘Come in, Uriel.  It is a great pleasure to meet you,’ she responded.’


He came inside, and she indicated a bed for him to lie down upon.  He lay down, and she sat on her couch near the bed, reached for a remote control, and, put the music on to a relaxing theme, with angelic Chinese voices singing alleluias, and a soft nature sound in the background.  She handed him a little pill.

What’s this?’ he asked.

Do you think you can trust me?’ she replied.

He popped the pill into his mouth, she handed him a little cup of water, and he washed it down, and he lay back down.

Now relax,’ she said.  ‘Relax.  You will soon be in dreamland, and we will see what needs to be seen.  I will be there with you shortly, and we will find out what issues the spirit world has with Uriel the Seraphim.  Now relax, relax.  Drift away, into sleep, into slumber.  Relax, child of the most high.’

And Uriel, feeling suddenly ever so calm and at rest, at peace, drifted away, into slumber, into dreamland, a blissful feeling coming over his heart, soul and mind.



Chapter Three


Dr Chiu was on the ledge of a large skyscraper, standing there, looking down occasionally, almost ready to jump, but then turned her gaze towards the west, towards the setting sun, towards the final night.


Uriel spoke.  ‘The Dragon’s final attack is tonight.  The legion is ready for the final battle – the codes have been honoured, the agreement is firm, the winner takes it all.’

Good,’ responded Dr Chiu philosophically.  She looked down at the darkening alley, were werewolves and vampires and witches and demons were at play, in the depths of the darkness of New Yorks Hell underground, snickering at angels of light, snickering and mocking them, daring them to once again take control of a once proud city.’

Are you ready?’ she asked Uriel.

He spread his wings, and started floating downwards, down into hell, and Dr Chiu Jumped, falling down at an incredible velocity, descending down into the darkness, descending down into hell.


*   *   *   *   *


Leo 5 was at the portal Gate.  He never failed.  He never fucked up.  Whatever the Dragon threw at him, he resisted.  He was just too tough.


Uriel and Dr Chiu, having come through the dark alleys of hell, the various denizens snarling at them, but not prepared to engage with the famed warriors of virtue, came to the portal, and Uriel patted Leo 5 on the back.  ‘Good work, Lionheart,’ said Uriel.  ‘Is the location safe for convergence.  We won’t suffer static problems again will we?  We can’t afford anyone to end up in LA or Miami or some were else on the bloody grid.’

It should be fine.  Nobody likes partying at Midnight in hell.  Way to dangerous.’

Oh, there are some sick fucks around,’ responded Dr Chiu, looking back down the alley at some of the dark creatures of the night.


Key in the co-ordinates,’ said Uriel, looking at his watch.  ‘It is just about time.’

Leo 5 keyed in the data, and the City Clock suddenly, right on time, started gonging.  When it hit 12, Leo punched the ‘Go’ key, and the portal shimmered, they stepped in, and into another world.



Chapter Four


Luladiel, 30th female Seraphim of the Realm of splendour, twin to Devuel, stood in the centre of the room, standing out of necessity, for if she were to rest by lying down, the devices attached to her legs would instantly activate, causing the room to explode.  The Dragon was not stupid – he knew how to torture his victims.


She thought on her twin, Devuel.  Was he, even now, still alive?  Could he be?  Did Russell have a chance?  He had been thrown into the wormpit, the giant death worms pit, and Dragon had laughed his sick laugh, and dragged the frantic Luladiel away, treating her like a sack of old clothes, throwing her over his shoulder as if she were a bauble, and brought her to another room in his Hell Dungeon, explaining to her that when she finally succumbed to rest, she was dead.  That was 38 hours ago, now, and she was exhausted.


Thoughts flashed through her mind constantly in the last few hours.  Why not simply end it?  Give it away?  Give up?  What purpose did her brave heart have in continuing?  She would be dead soon enough.


But a little voice, deep in the heart of Luladiel, said to her, don’t give up sweetie.  Russell will be here soon enough.  Your champion won’t let you down.  Keep the faith, sweetie.


And so she persevered, and would do so, until she could go on no longer.  She owed it to her man.  She owed it to herself.


*   *   *   *   *


Leo 5 looked at the worm pit.  ‘He’s in here,’ he yelled to Uriel and Dr Chiu, who instantly came in to the room.  Uriel floated down, his laser ready, and he started shooting worm after worm who attacked him.  He found Devuel, in a corner of the pit, in the dark, still fending off the worms, his wings tied, his hands in cuffs.  He looked poorly, sick and starving and thirsty.

It’s alright, Dev.  We’re here,’ said Uriel, comforting his brother.  He used his laser on a setting, cut through the cuffs carefully, and untied his wing, and they made there way up, carefully, out of the pit, Devuel somehow miraculously finding the strength, shooting off the worms, coming up to the top room.


Leo 5, whose psychic powers had detected Devuel’s presence, gave Devuel a jar of water, and drinking it, he managed to splutter the name ‘Luladiel,’ before finally falling into graceful sleep.


Dr Chiu suddenly entered the room, dragging an exhausted Luladiel, having freed her from her bonds, and she fell at Devuel’s feet and started weeping.  Leo gave her some water, she drank, and then she gave up, falling asleep next to Devuel.


Leo looked at Uriel.  ‘How long do we have?  Can we rest?  We have enough time, don’t we?’

A few hours, maybe,’ responded Uriel.  ‘We will need to be at the arranged battle front by 4 at the latest.  The battle will need at least an hour.  The Dragon insisted on that.  And if we are not finished by daybreak, we forfeit.’

Then let them rest,’ said Leo.  ‘Mercy demands it.’

Uriel nodded and, sitting down next to Devuel, who was sound asleep, he looked at the doorway, anxious that the Dragon’s minions might suddenly show, but realizing that, whatever else, the Dragon was a beast of ancient honour, so indicated that Leo should stand guard, and closed his eyes, drifting off to the slumberland of the Dreamscape world.



Chapter Five


Devuel woke.  Uriel stood off, a distance, talking with Leo 5 by the looks of it.  He noticed a presence lying against him, and looking, Luladiel was at rest.  Thank the Maker – she was safe.


He lay back down, and closed his eyes.  He was still tired, very, but something in his blood had told him his rest was done with for the moment – a battle awaited.


He rested there, 5 – 10 minutes, then gently nudged Luladiel whose eyes shot open.  ‘You are safe,’ she said, her hands on his chest.’

I am safe,’ he responded.



A while later, as they were eating through some beef jerky from Leo 5’s backsack, Uriel spoke.  ‘We have not much time.  The gathering is converging upon the battle ground – the pit of darkness, near the centre of the stormwarden’s crossing.’

Why the pit of darkness?’ asked Devuel.  ‘Why should we agree to such an advantage for the Dragon.  He shall surely be a master in such a theatre.  You should know well of the pitfalls that could befall us all there.  It is sure to be to a great disadvantage.’

Yet they were the final terms.  We had no choice.  The Dragon is cunning and evil, and his followers know no mercy, yet the final war of darkness has culminated, and should we prevail, America will return to the brave and the strong, to the way of light.’

And the conditions are watertight?’ asked Devuel again.

The beast does know honour.  It is his sole virtue in such agreements.  The dark will keep the pact should we prevail.’

Devuel nodded, ate some more jerky, and drank from a flask.  ‘And our numbers?’

45 chosen.  The same for our adversaries.  He insisted on certain names, which I likewise was entitled to.  Now, upon either side finding 30 slain, the victory shall be claimed.  There will be impartial counters present.  We have selected three, and so they.’

Again Devuel nodded.  Luladiel spoke up.  ‘Why did you choose us?  Surely in our state we would be a hindrance?’

They were the terms agreed upon for him not interfering with your rescue.  We had no choice.’

I guess you would not know our state,’ responded Luladiel depressingly.  ‘We could well be slain, you know Uriel.  Our lives may be forfeit either way.’

Uriel came over, kneeled down, and put his hand to Luladiel’s shoulder.  ‘You are a fair maiden and sister of mine, Luladiel.  Your courage is great.  I have faith in you.  But, yes, I know your frail state.  I will watch over you in the heat of battle, as I am sure Devuel will find courage and likewise do.  Keep faith, sister.  Keep faith.’

She nodded, weakly.


It is time,’ said Dr Chiu.  ‘We must be about ourselves.  The darkness awaits, and I sense its evil mocking already.’

Uriel nodded, looked intently into Luladiel eyes, and she got to her feet, a little shaky, but ready.  The final battle awaited – she would have to find the courage within, for the fate of a nation rested on her courage.



Chapter Six


Catholics can be stubborn.  Jesus of Nazareth knew this.  His bride, the Roman Catholic Church of God’s Glory had, in its heart, a very, very stubborn streak when it came to what it felt constituted morality, despite the very best intentions of its Lord and Saviour to persuade it of the morals of the Gospel.  She would have such values as Political Correctness, Tolerance, acceptance of Sinners, promotion of Homosexual values, the desire for female priests and so on and so forth, no matter how many rebukes the headship of the church propelled towards the flock.  But how could you expect anything else – his bride was only a silly woman anyway, with all the sensibilities of Eve, listening to the Serpent.  Perhaps that was why he loved her so much, anyway.  Perhaps.  But he often contemplated that, at least with a strict Evangelical church, say like the Baptists and so on, at least they would read the bloody gospel.  At least they would give a half hearted attempt at obedience, unlike his bride who perpetually sought comfort with the world, and a hell of a lot of ‘Lets Get Along’ in true universal catholic style.  But, hey, in the end, even Jesus Christ needed a break from all the divine teachings of scriptural holiness and obedience, and a woman who would tolerate anything was a great place to escape in the world.


Uriel, Firstborn Archangel of the Realm of Splendour, was such an example in many ways.  Jesus had finally converted him to Roman Catholic Faith not that long ago now, after he had been having troubles with dreams and, in sessions with a dream doctor named Dr Chiu, Dr Chiu had uncovered a yearning in the heart of Uriel for the head of the community to finally find a spiritual body – a spiritual movement – a spiritual community – to fellowship with and set an example for for all the citizens of the Realm of Splendour over which he administered as Overseer under the authority of ‘Daniel’ who held the 3 Staffs of Power.


And then it had been Earth Redux, and the current battleground earth war, especially in America, with the traditional dark forces of evil.


Uriel, as a solid citizen of China, had long been very communistic in his viewpoints, very socialistic, very left wing.  And while in initial years of life and existence, he had brought a very strict way of life to the citizens of China, the inevitable political viewpoint that the left wing was far more tolerant than the right wing, ultimately influenced him towards a far more liberal lifestyle.  And in this sense, the tolerances of the Roman Catholic Church, the largest Christian Body, in granting a far greater degree of grace usually than the stricter protestant churches in the kinds of behaviour they would tolerate and accept, had been the balm of life which had ultimately persuaded Uriel the Archangel of God to join the Holy Roman Catholic Church of God.


And, now, with Earth Redux, confrontations of various sorts were reaching a climax –a very powerful climax.  The Israel problem had yet to completely and finally be resolved – nor had the messiah issue.  Jesus now acknowledged that David Rothchild, although he would not share this with others apart from the Apostles, and perhaps a few other select and responsible Christian elders, was indeed a messianic figure of sorts, primarily the King who reigned in splendour according to the passages of Isaiah chapter 32 in the Old Testament, which Jesus himself did not claim to fulfill.  In Isaiah 26, the righteous of Israel had been reborn, in the mid 1960s of the Christian Calendar, when Israel had been reborn as a nation about 20 years earlier, and in fighting the Muslim nations, Israel’s borders had been enlarged somewhat, fulfilling the prophecy, with Moses himself seen by the Muslim hordes leading Israel in battle.  The world had not known Israel had returned as a people, not until much later, and then David Rothchild had become King over Israel, and Jesus had to acknowledge him as the figure of Isaiah 32.  Yet this did not change his own claims of Messianic glory – the Christ of Salvation – the Son of God according to God’s own righteous voice declaring him as such, and it was in the Book of Revelation, with the twin figures of the ‘Lord of Lords and the King of Kings’ and the ‘King of Kings and the Lord of Lords’ that Jesus hoped to finally resolve all the enigmatic mysteries concerning religions, messiahs and God’s holy truth.


Of course, the power of Zuul threatened the world again – an ancient demonic deity – an ancient evil power – and Zuul’s pawn the dragon was now to be dealt with – finally and utterly forever.


The Dragon was a comical character, ironically, in more ways than one.  He had emerged in America, based on Zuul’s own moulding of the character, developed from the simplest of things – an Asian Batman comic in Heaven.


But the Dragon’s power was not to be mocked.  He controlled much of the power of darkness on earth, and wielded Zuul’s influence in America in the underground hell society of the dark side of New York.



But the codes had been honoured – the final battle was at hand – the 45 had been selected – and as Jesus Christ, with his twin Jenna, walked carefully through the darkness of Hell’s caverns, nearing Stormwarden’s crossing, he anticipated the final, crucial and decisive encounter.



Chapter Seven


Leo 5 smelled the air.  As a hybrid creation of a mad scientist, a genetic wonder of human and lion characteristics, the 7 ‘Leo’s had been freed by a crazed rights activist and, due to their funky looking nature, and people thinking they were some kind of mutant x-men assemblage, they had hidden from the world until Jesus himself had befriended them, given them a home in his community known as ‘Paradise’in Greenwich Village were he lived, and they had found a home, acceptance and a purpose and reason in life.


Leo 5 was the greatest fighter amongst the group, and had been Uriel’s natural choice for the 45 warriors to redeem America.  Jesus had given the choice up to Uriel to select the 45, even though Daniel really had wanted the choices.  But Daniel was kept back in ‘Paradise’ as Jesus wouldn’t let him risk his life, and they needed a fall back leader should the Dragon triumph.


I smell Dragon blood,’ Leo 5 said to the entourage.

We draw near,’ said Uriel.

Dr Chiu took out her blade, which so far had remained sheathed.  ‘We best be careful.  There is no telling what may suddenly emerge.’

Uriel looked at her, and made a decision.  ‘Put your blade away.  He is evil, but he his honourable.  We do not want to provoke the darkness before the time – they will claim dishonour from us and thus claim victory.  The terms are secure in the codes.  Put away thy blade.’

She looked at him, crossly.  He really should know better, he should know of the Dragon’s treachery, but she honoured his wished and sheathed her blade.


Venkman should be the nearest by now,’ said Leo 5.  He left the earliest.’

Yes, he needed the most time.  The most to carry,’ responded Uriel.

Venkman was one of the chosen Ghostbusters, specially armed with a nuclear powered device to capture demonic forces and suck them into a holding container in his backpack.  Uriel’s logic was when you were facing the forces of evil, with a number of potential demon’s in the pack, who you gonna call?

Venkman had left the earliest, chosen a specific route, as they were all required to assemble separately for the most part, according to the agreement, and Uriel prayed to Christ for him that he was safe, and had not fallen into danger.


Darkness shall prevail!’  It was a haunting, deep, cry from the darkest demon of hell, reverberating around the room they were in , chilling to the very heart of their souls.


Despite her rebuke, Dr Chiu pulled out her blade again.  ‘You think I should let that sort of evil just sneak up on us?’ she demanded of Uriel.

He stared at her, and indicated she should put her blade away despite the demonic growling voice’s utterance.  She stared ahead, at the dark walkway they were on, amidst the underground of the Hell Caverns, like the Catacombs of old and ancient churches, yet these full of the spirits of the dark, not those of the night.

They could come on us suddenly.  Kill us.  Betray the covenant.’

Uriel looked ahead, and something of the word’s of Dr Chiu’s warnings he almost considered.  Yet, he would trust the Dragon on this occasion, despite Dr Chiu’s concerns.  He came over, took Dr Chiu’s blade from her hands, and put it in her sheathe.  ‘Do NOT take it out again.  Even when they are near, and even if they come forward.  Wait.  We have a chance to defeat Zuul’s Dragon forever, and redeem America.  Hell will need wait millennia before even bothering another attempt on mankind again.  Do not fuck up, Dr Chiu.  Do not fuck up.’

She glared at him, but softened.  As he wished.  Despite her fears, as he wished.



Chapter Eight


 It is often said by many that it is darkest before the dawn.  A night of evil, unlike many others which had gone before it, was specially darkened, and the dawn which ultimately did arise seemed to speak the truth of that ancient proverb like never before.


Uriel had watched in battle, dressed in his dark batman robes, carefully marking the Dragon in the arena, keeping his eyes firmly on him, and ready to strike at the first real opportunity – yet his opponent marked him likewise.


They seemed to fall, somewhat, in unison – one from good, one from bad, and the numbers and attrition were even for some while.  And then the dragon entered in, and killed 4 quite quickly, and things looked grim for a while.


Uriel had done what his calling had required of him – attacked the dragon with the savagery and power he had been mastering for many years now.  When the dragon, in practical fulfillment of Xaddadaxxian prophecy, had bitten off his finger in a struggle, Uriel had howled, but had still, thankfully, managed the killing blow with a dagger into the heart of the fowl beast.  And, as he bled, and howled, the dark forces withdrew somewhat, and Christ attacked with renewed vigour, slew the remaining required numbers, and they claimed victory.  The light claimed victory over the dark.


A representative of Zuul emerged from the shadows, and brought forth the ‘New Covenant’ pact of peace.  A stand was put up, and he placed the parchment on the stand, and taking a quill, dipping it in an ink bowl he opened, signed his name and indicated for Uriel to sign as well, with Jesus Christ as witness.


You have One Million years, before we will even bother contemplating dark deeds on this planet again.  Zuul does know honour, and the Gatekeeper will not seek Gozer’s will here until the terms of this ‘New Covenant’ are well and truly honoured.  In the Universal Court of Order we have agreed you may lodge this document, and the Omnipotent One may use any power at his disposal to punish us should we transgress this covenant.  These rights we cede to you.’


The man-demon, brought forth another copy for them to sign, and a copy of each was to be kept by both groups.


Now, we will withdraw from the upper levels of New York.  We will withdraw again, away from the light, into the shadows.  We will haunt men no more, and become a thing of the darkness, a thing of the shadows, a thing of tales and legends.  But remember, we have traditions, and should those of the light shun the ways of the one who is, we will claim our dues.  Such truths never change, children of God.  Such truths never change.’


The man-demon gave them a little grin, turned, and with the other denizens of evil following, they retreated, away from the battle scene, down into the darkness, down into hell, down into the lost legends of the darkness.


*   *   *   *   *


Uriel gazed at the sunlight, from the New Dawn of the Day, the New Dawn for America.  ‘We are free again, Jesus.’

Jesus looked at the sun, which seemed to have a blaze of new hope in its rays.

But not forever, Uriel.  Never, it seems, forever.’

And Uriel nodded, grimly, reluctantly, yet knowingly.



Chapter Nine


Uriel awoke.  Dr Chiu was with him.  He was in Dr Chiu’s dream office.  And, suddenly, his mind seemed to be emerging from a dreamscape world, a world of portents of the future, were names such as ‘The Dragon’ and ‘Zuul’ haunted his fleeting dream memories, and figures such as Jesus Christ had become central to his life.


Dr Chiu spoke to him.  ‘Do you remember your dreamings?’


Uriel looked at her, looked at her, dressed in green, a radiant image of light, an image of victory over the darkness, yet shook his head.


The dream is gone from me, Dr Chiu.  It is gone.’


Now that is a pity,’ said Dr Chiu. ‘Maybe next time, Uriel.  Maybe next time.’


Yes, next time,’ responded Uriel, as he stared into the eyes of the illustrious Dream Doctor.


The End

Sitting at the River II

Here I am. Down here at Pine Island. Life has come. Life has gone. Here I am. Me, myself and I.

I met Victoria recently. She was a wonderful lady. I met her, and David. At a gathering at Albert Hall. It was quite the do. Adele was singing. And I was in the front row, seated next to Victoria, chatting with her. We discussed life, this and that, and it was all so pleasant. Pleasant.

I have found that life goes on, really. After all this time. Life just goes on. I was a star, once. Aeons ago. A big star, as popular as the universe itself. But it faded. I let it fade, really. I'd had enough. Oh, everyone still knew who I was, you couldn't escape that being the founder of the world's biggest religion. But I was now a recluse, living in my mansion, and mainly seeing Victoria. Just chatting with Victoria about life in general.

Somehow it was Victoria who had what I needed. The philosophy on life, the general way of things and the understanding to get through it all. I'd tried Geri girl, and that was interesting, and Melanie C had been intense. But in this quieter time of life, a more sedate soul, a gentler soul, a more royal soul in many ways, was getting me through. The thoughtful understanding of quiet sophistication was what I needed at the moment. It was what was getting me through.

And so I sit down here, at the river, reflecting on life, and how to live it, and how to make sense of it all.

Assembly of the Living God. The fourth of the Seven Divine Fellowships of Karaite Adamide-Noahide faith. Its always been number four which I seem strangely attracted to. I would give her my heart, but somehow another number has already claimed that. But I find consolation in number four, and a way of life so much simpler yet so much more profound at the same time. Not cluttered up with endless rules, but made majestic the rules it has. And somehow that works for me in this time of my eternal sojourn. Thank God, really. Thank God.

I have known a lot of people over life, and I guess I always will, and that will go on forever. Meeting new people, gaining new friends, getting new understanding. But I am glad of my foundation, and these 7 stepping stones of eternity, where I can rest, and be just me. In the Kingdom of Noah, sitting at a river, relaxed – just being me. Just being me.

What I'll do tomorrow, I don't know. Perhaps I don't really care. But for now I have peace and, in the end, that's got to be a good thing doesn't it? Finding peace? Finding contentment in the inner heart.

Sitting at a river.

In Tuggeranong.

Being just me.

Life is good. I wouldn't want it any other way. Life is good.


The End



All Good Things Must Come To An End


Callodyn was sitting with Kayella.  Firstborn angel Uriel was busy on the Gauntlet II Arcade Video Game Machine in the corner, trying to get to level 100.  Callodyn wished him luck.



Victoria and Daniel were having a debate on the meaning of life, which had been progressing for several centuries, and over in the corner they were smoking cigarettes, drinking lemonade, and looking very philosophical in their berets and posh attitude.



Callodyn looked at Kayella.  ‘Dr Chiu says you have been having troubles.  What is on your mind?’

Children,’ responded Kayella.

You want kids?’

What do you reckon.’



I see,’ he responded.



Moments passed.



I don’t know if I am cut out for being a daddy.  I have enjoyed my single life for quite a while now.  I mean, what would kids offer me, Kay?  Huh?  Huh?’


Kayella looked at her twin.  One obvious word sprang to mind.  She used it.  ‘Family, Call.  Family.’


More trouble for the universe.  More kids.  Will it ever fucking end?’


When all good things come to an end, Mr Callodyn, then God will be finished with you.  But not until then.  So meet me upstairs in half an hour, be in a good mood, watch a little porno before you come into the room, and we will start a baby-making.’


Callodyn looked at her, saw the grim and gritty future in her eyes, and nodded.  ‘I guess so.  I guess fucking so.’


She smiled at him, left the room, and Callodyn waltzed over to the Gauntlet II machine, but in a few dollars worth of 20 cent coins, and immediately, with his blue wizard, stole the food, and said in a cute voice ‘Blue Wizard stole the food.’


And Uriel hit him on the arm, as the game went on forever.


The End

Victoria's Advice

'You must let them know who is in charge,' said Victoria. 'And do make sure you are in charge, Daniel. Headstrong children have long been the bane of society.'

'Gotcha,' replied Callodyn, wiping his son's dirty bum.

'And when they get older, you must let them have their freedom, but never too much freedom. It's a careful balancing act of their own power versus your responsibility, and its the eternal challenge of parenthood.'

'Understood,' said Callodyn, starting to put talcum powder onto little Gabriel Daly's bottom.

'Oh, and make sure you inspire them to work and get some sort of career in life. The UK is full of dole bludgers, who absorb our hard earned pounds, and do nothing so much as get up to go to the fridge and the pub. For heaven's sake make sure Gabriel is not a dole bludger.'

'I think I can manage that,' said Callodyn, putting on Gabriel's nappy.

He looked over the baby, and handed it to Victoria. 'How did I do?'

'You put the nappy on backwards,' she commented, and undid the nappy and put it on the right way around.

'I am sure Kayella would never have noticed,' responded Daniel, smirking. Victoria giggled a little also.

'Of course, the best advice I can give you of all is to remain honest in this marriage between you and Kayella. If you want it to last, which seems to be what both of you are on about, you need to remain honest. So many marriages fail because of lies and lack of communication. David and I have been together forever because we stay honest with each other.'

'So always tell the truth,' said Callodyn flatly.

'Yes. Yes I guess that's it,' said Victoria. 'Sure, though. We do all have our secrets and skeletons in our closets, but you need to remain honest where it counts, especially on your feelings and emotions towards each other, and the things which are bothering you. Clear the air regularly and all will run smoothly.'

'Will do, Vicky,' replied Callodyn, and took Gabriel with them, as they exited the nursery and returned to the main living room, sitting down to watch tv.

'Is it true that Kayella is pregnant again?' asked Victoria, as Daniel switched on the TV to Studio Ten on ITV.

'Yes, she is. A girl this time.'

'Then you have a lot on your plate,' replied Victoria. 'And life's gonna test you out some.'

'Don't I know it,' replied Daniel, as Ita Buttrose started waffling on about the latest controversial headline, and life passed on as usual, another fine day in heaven.

The End

Lucy Potter and Lucifer's Porno Collection

They were back at the old house, with the cottage, and Victoria was living with Lucy Potter again, for a change. She was dating Saruviel Savereign at the moment, mainly for moments of affection and charm, but no intimacy, for she was faithfully married to David Beckham, and had no current desire to ever leave him in marital terms.

'What is it?' asked Victoria, to a concerned Lucy Potter, who looked unhappy.

'Lucifer. It's Lucifer. I've found his porno collection under our bed.'

Victoria smiled. David had a few choice magazines hidden away as well.

'It can't be so bad,' said Victoria.

'His is full of 10 year old girls.'

'Oh,' said Victoria. 'THAT type of porno. Well you needn't call the police. They know full well the kind of trouble Lucifer Malfoy is known for. Just throw them out.'

'I don't want him to get mad at me,' protested Lucy.

'You need him to know there are things which are just too much. Which cross the line in what you require in your relationship.'

'I'll try, the,' said Lucy, and sat down next to Victoria, putting her head on Vicky's shoulder.

'Is it really that bad,' said Victoria.

'It's not the porno. Really, that's just a sign of it. Oh, God. I love Lucifer so much. He has all the charm in the world. But he's just a bad boy, which is why I was so attracted in many ways. But in the end he really is that. A bad boy. I miss Daniel, now.'

'You should have stuck with him,' said Victoria. 'But you're too late. Kayella has nabbed him.'

'Lucky bitch,' said Lucy. 'But I'll survive. Enrique has been ringing me though. The dragonrider. I think he might be a good catch. What do you think?'

Victoria sighed as Lucy waffled on for 10 minutes, about boys and bras and boots, and as she said yes and of course time and time again, she drifted away in her thoughts to paradise, and finally came back to earth with a chuckle over thinking about Lucifer's porno collection.

'But what do you expect from a devil anyway,' said Victoria, suddenly.

'What?' asked Lucy, confused.

'Oh, never mind,' responded Victoria, as Lucy continued on her winging, and Victoria sighed again, picked up a copy of Vogue, and flicked through it, nodding and saying yes to Lucy absentmindedly, as the afternoon wore on and on.

The End

Victoria Triumphant

'Le Shatue is most honoured to present to you our award for designer of the decade, dear Victoria.'

'Why thank you, Jean. I am most honoured to be chosen. What does Le Shatue mean by the way?'

'Why, the shit, of course. Now we will be presenting the award in Paris in July. We will send the details.'

'Charmed,' responded Victoria.

When Jean Marcel Le Conte left, Victoria considered herself. It had been years of work and perseverance which had built both her name and her fashion empire. And it hadn't been easy either. David had been a great support, but mostly it had been her own tenacity and determination to succeed which had gotten her there. She'd earned it every step of the way. Awards like this had come and gone, and while she was somewhat flattered being the shit, this one might be one of those particular award shows where she sent her apologies for not being able to attend.

Victoria triumphant. That was apparently what she was. Sure, she had gotten a break growing up in a well-to-do family, but she had earned every bit of her glory as first a Spice Girl and then second in her brief solo singing career, before embarking off on a fashion adventure which had become everything to her. All along the way she had remained focused, used her talent to the best of her ability, and striven for success.

And that much she had achieved.

But Foundation had always promised that to her anyway. Success. Above all, she would be successful.

Now, here she was, at the pinnacle of her career. She had it all. Success, glory, triumph. A self-made woman, despite the obstacles.

But now? Now that she'd gotten everything she'd ever wanted, what next? What did she aim for now?

She disappeared over to the house with the cottage out the back later that afternoon and she found Callodyn and Kayella in the pool, in the back yard. So putting on her bikini she joined htem.

As she waded through the water, she turned to Daniel.

'After all the success, what next?'

'I started a religion,' replied Daniel. 'Countless adherents all serving my fame and glory. Hey, life can't get any better.'

'Very funny,' responded Victoria to the giggling Daniel.

She looked at Kayella.

'Any advice?'

'Just give into the power of love when all is said and done,' responded Kayella. 'Just keep the faith and let love lead the way. Everything will turn out right if you let love lead the way. And remember, friendship never ends, so Viva Forever, Victoria. Viva Forever.'

Victoria smiled.

When she got home that night she pulled out her writing pad and began.

'Dear Geraldine Esthelle Halliwell. I have so much to tell you.'

And she did.

The End

Uriel and Victoria

'Bees make honey,' said Uriel.

'Beavers build dams,' replied Victoria.

'Spiders make webs,' stated Uriel.

'Not all spiders. And rabbits dig warrens,' said Victoria.

'Birds build nests,' offered Uriel.

'And vultures are pretty bloody icky,' finished Victoria.

'Now what do humans so?' asked Uriel.

Victoria considered that before replying.

'Well, they eat a lot, fart a lot, and are never on time for lovemaking,' said Victoria.

Uriel smiled.


At dinner that evening...

The Beckhams were wolfing down KFC. Victoria analyzed her hungry crew. Yes, they definitely ate.

Watching TV later...

A slight 'spooorrrtt' noise, and Victoria looked around as the stink wafted in.

'It wasn't me,' said David.

Victoria made another tick on her mental list.

In the bedroom, later...

David walked in. It was their not for passion. He was chatting on his mobile. Half an hour later he was still chatting. Victoria made the third tick.


'How did your studies go?' asked Uriel.

Victoria looked at firstborn.

'I think we can move on from our studies on the animal kingdom,' she replied.

Uriel, wisely, did not object.

The End

China Magnificent

Victoria was staying, on holiday, in a Chinese nation of heaven. Heaven was large, and continued to grow currently, expanded from time to time. God was not finished with heaven, so it seemed. Apparently it would grow forever. Always being enlarged. Always growing. With new life, new people, new hopes and new dreams. God was good.

This China she was in – it was magnificent. It was run under a communist political system, but a fair degree of capitalism proliferated also, and it was obvious those who wanted to be employed were, for the city she was in was glorious. She remembered, from life on earth, Chinese architecture of its large projects was always something stunning. And this city was no exception. Fuangxia had a taste for hexagons, and so many of the city's towering scrapers were hexagonal in shape, the work of a particular architectural school which Uriel himself had founded.

'Are you surprised?' asked Uriel, to Victoria, sitting in a cafe, drinking coffee, and looking over the river at the splendid adjacent city centre, with its magnificent towers.

'It's, remarkable,' replied Victoria.

'Always strive for impact,' said Uriel. 'One of my chief paradigms on life. 'Life is glorious when we accomplish things. But life is more glorious when we accomplish things of glory. Fuangxia is a new city, barely a millennia old, and it wants to make a statement to the world. Here we are. We are open for business. We know how to impress. And the tourist dollar is something we are chasing frantically.'

'The glory of Xian. Firstborn's splendour,' commented Victoria.

'Why, thank you, Victoria,' replied Uriel, bowing slightly.

'China is a large nation. It has so many rights, like so many of the larger nations,' said Victoria.

'The land ratio of earth is mirrored in heaven,' said Uriel. 'For all the worlds based on Terra, the ratio must be exact each time for new growth in heaven. It is the law of heaven, you know.'

'We compete,' said Victoria. 'Despite the challenge.'

'The United Kingdom is very competitive,' said Uriel. 'The pound is one of the most sort after currencies, and your culture and way of life is greatly admired.'

'Why, thank you, Uriel,' replied Victoria, bowing slightly.

'It is the wisdom of God to build empire,' said Uriel. 'And they must go on, and on, forever. For the loins of Adam never truly rest.'

Victoria smiled. 'Nor the loins of many a Tom, Dick and Harry I know, I can tell you.'

Uriel smiled. 'Do you think, perhaps, you would live in somewhere like Fuangxia for a while? Broaden your horizons?'

'The Realm of Splendour is a magnificent universe,' said Victoria. 'And there are so many places I favour and delight in visiting. I am sure Fuangxia could be amongst them.'

'Then we would be truly honoured to have you as our guest,' said Uriel.

They chatted on for a while, Uriel discussing life in Fuangxia and the city's ambitions, and Victoria happily immersed herself in new knowledge, something she prized, and delighted in the flavour of the orient, the current mood of delight she was occupied with.

And Uriel was a most hospitable host, always a delight, firstborn of heaven. A true and faithful friend.

The End

World Cup Glory

'We're behind. 2 nil. Half time,' said David to Victoria on the phone.

'This is the semi-final, isn't it?' asked Victoria.

'Against Uruguay. If we win its either Brazil or Germany in the final.'

'I believe in you,' she said. Softly. Sincerely. He steeled himself.

It was not that the half time talk to the lads wasn't inspirational. It was, in general. Neither wasn't it that it hadn't been motivational. They went out and kicked arse. It's just that it had been so – well – sincere. The English boys had listened as David had given an anecdote from his youth, and how that if he hadn't really thought, deep in his guts, that he could pull through the challenges – that he hadn't had faith in himself – he would never have got the job done. And so, one by one, the boys had said 'I believe.'

The final score of England 4, Uruguay 2, had been labelled as the greatest comeback victory of all time.

And then they found out Germany had beaten Brazil 5 nil.

The challenge awaited.

Moments before walking out with the team to the side of the field, Victoria kissed her husband. 'Remember, I believe in you,' she said. David had some faith in that.

The game was tight, and trailing 1 nil at half time, the game was still open for an England Comeback.

They fought hard, but when the 89th minute ticked over, Germany leading 1 nil, it looked yet again that the game had gotten away from them. Not this time.

Starling was signalled by David. David stuck his hand in the air, and made a whirring signal. Starling lifted both hands in frustration, but David nodded him on.

A goalkeeper, coming out of his goal area, when play was fierce, was rare. Running with the ball, as the entire team crossed over half way, and then passing the ball to their key striker, well. It was not exactly how football was played, somebody commented later on.

It came down to the penalty shoot-out. It was tense, but with 4 hits in a row, and a German miss on their 4th, England looked set. Smith came up. Steadied, ran in and kicked.

The ball hit the top of the far right of the goalpost, bounced, and slowly marched over the goal line.

They'd done it.

England had won the world cup against Germany.

'Whatever else,' said Victoria, a few months later, if you must retire, do so with grace.


David was faithful to his wife's command. The general public were relieved.

The End

Dr Chiu's Happiness

Dr Chiu, was amused. 'You didn't tell me you liked Chinese food,' she said to Victoria.

'I've always liked Chinese food,' said Victoria. 'We eat heaps of it at home. David can't get enough of the stuff.'

'I know. We are popular in the west,' said the Doctor.

'You eat western food, I presume,' said Victoria, putting a chunk of pork on her fork, and swallowing it.

'I eat with western utensils. When in Rome,' said Dr Chiu.

'Sorry,' said Victoria, and picked up her chop sticks. 'I can never get the hang of these buggers,' she said, trying to eat rice, but failing badly.

'It takes practice,' said the Doctor.

Victoria looked over the city. They were in Fuangxia, were Victoria had taken up Uriel's invitation to live for a while. David was back at home in London, yet again in a dilemma over life, for he had retired for good from football, world cup glory achieved, nothing really left to worry much about in the sphere of sport, and taking up chess for the heck of it.

'Do you like Fuangxia?' asked Dr Chiu. 'My husband and I have set up residence here for the time being. Also at Uriel's invitation. He has a penthouse suite, just there,' she said, pointing across the river at a highrise complex of apartments.'

'It's remarkable,' said Victoria. 'The people are so... how can I put it?'

'New. Like they have just come off the assembly line,' said Dr Chiu.

Victoria grimaced, but nodded.

'It is the spirit here,' she said. 'It is the way Fuangxia thinks and behaves itself. It is a modern city, not so much built on ancient Chinese roots, although our people are ancient. But it is modernity, with all its trappings, including that of the spiritual nature of things.'

'Everything is modern. Like Japan in many ways,' said Victoria.

'We emulate or cousins their a great deal,' said Dr Chiu. 'It is a progressive city. Looking forward, not back.'

'Tradition is important. A civilization can't maintain itself without one.'

'I think they know that,' said Dr Chiu. 'But I think, also, they are building their own new history instead. And the spirit, the way it is appreciated, will one day be old here. It will one day be well known, and people will ask us when we travel abroad, are you from Fuangxia?'

'Fascinating,' said Victoria, doing her best to eat the rest of her meal with her chopsticks.

Dr Chiu reached over, picked up Victoria's fork, and handed it to her.

'Thanks,' said Victoria, a little embarrassed. 'So, you think your happiness lies in Fuangxia, then?'

'For now,' replied Dr Chiu. 'But happiness in life can be found wherever your home and heart is. And wherever I go I find peace and home in my life with quiet words and gentle thoughts. Meditation. Relaxtion. Sitting by a river, even. Especially sitting by a river.'

'Then all is good,' said Victoria, finishing off her meal.

'Mmm,' said Dr Chiu. 'How about some fried ice cream to finish off.'

Victoria's hands went to her belly. 'I couldn't she said.'

'When in Fuangxia,' replied Dr Chiu, smiling.

'Well, if you must,' said Victoria.

And on they chatted, enjoying life, life in the new Chinese Metropolis, and Victoria didn't mind the fried ice cream. It was a rare treat, for she watched her weight cautiously. But when in Rome, she thought to herself. Or, to be more precise, when in Fuangxia. And she even ordered a second helping despite herself.

The End

Sitting at the River III

I guess, I'm content. I suppose I must have faith in that. When it all comes down, you gotta believe it will all be alright in the end. Don't you? Yeh. You just gotta. I think, perhaps, there are things missing from my life, but, I don't know. As if some things were never really meant to be. Desires. Desires which could never really be now, for life changes like the weather, and things have gone which might have been, but never will be again. But that's life. Isn't it. Here I am, down by the Murrumbidgee, thinking on life, here in Canberra. It goes on. Inevitably it goes on. And I've gotten used to that, after all these years. Do I have dreams left? Sure. I suppose. Who doesn't. But, I don't know. It's as if those dreams and those aspirations I've had which can't really be have been kept over and saved by God, as if for another life. Another time of dreaming. I don't know. I guess I'm probably just being stupid on that.

When it all comes down to it, life is pretty good, and that is why I'm probably content. Kayella is Ace. Wouldn't want another wife, now. Although I've fancied a few in my time. But, no, Kayella suits me just fine. She's a spark in the dark. A total fun babe I couldn't live without. I have family, good money, good place to live, enough to do. What more could I want? Really. What more?

I suppose, if I do have a dilemma, its not being quite satisfied, just yet, in how it all has worked out so far. It's that part of me which says there is still more, but not yet. Put aside for a rainy day. When will that day come? Eventually, I suppose. Eventually. But for now, this is life, so I'll make do.

In the end, I have enough faith in life, in God I suppose. Even in myself, I guess, to get me there. To get me through the night. It's perhaps not quite perfect, but when is it ever perfect. Sure, some people may think that, but perhaps I'm just a bit more honest about it all. But, you know. In time. In time the answers will come, and I'll get the solutions I need and the glory I desire. I hope.

But, for now, I'm content. Life is good. And I guess I wouldn't have it any other way.

Wonder who the Bulldogs are playing this weekend. And I haven't been to a concert in ages. Wonder what Kayella is cooking for dinner. Oh, never mind me. Just babbling on. Oh, bye ok. Sayanora. Finished for now. See you again some time. When I have fresh answers. But for now I'll just sit by this river.

And let life roll on by.


The End

Uriel and Victoria II

'Fuangxian! Glorious isn't it,' proclaimed Uriel. He looked at Victoria. She hadn't responded. 'What's up, Vicky?'

'David. He has this chess fascination now. Gone off to conquer the world of chess. More bravado every day.'

'Oh, cheer up Spice Girl. Men must conquer, especially men like David. It's what drives him. Competition. He wouldn't know what to do with himself if he wasn't competing.'

'Isn't that the truth,' sighed Victoria.

'Well, show him who the boss is. It's been ages. Get your girls together and do a new album. Heaven knows you should have enough new material by now.'

'They're always busy, these days,' said Victoria. 'It was always my fashion career, and I was always putting them off, but now its them who don't have the time.'

'Then get your act together and release another solo album. And go on tour,' said Uriel.

'I guess,' replied Victoria disinterestedly.

'Would you rather we discuss Chinese Foundation protocols?'

'I'll do the solo album,' smiled Victoria.

'Good,' said Uriel.

A few weeks later she was in the recording studio. Virgin records – again. Branson had taken a personal interest this time, and promised a major publicity splash when the record was finished. And, true to what Uriel had said, she did have a lot of new ideas and material, and was working with some very talented songwriters. She was not sure how much she should focus on the tour, as it was always tiring, but David had egged or on for a massive world tour to promote what was sure to be a return to form for the Spice Girl, and she was thinking it over. First, low key, in a few clubs, but then Wembley, if interest warranted. And then the world, she smiled to herself.

The album 'Diamonds and Pretty Things' was released, and there was a lot of tongue in cheek about being a woman and fashion, and things she knew. And the public loved it. Number one in 14 countries worldwide, and the first single had been a smash hit. Once again Victoria had surprised herself, or perhaps life had surprised her, and with all the confidence the world tour was a must.

But then the Spice Girls showed up, and insisted on a new album immediately, and while her personal glory would be somewhat short-lived, even greater new fame awaited.

And perhaps she wouldn't have it any other way.

Thank you Uriel. A wise word indeed.

The End

Lucifer's Crush

'Hey, that Victoria is pretty damn hot, you know,' said Lucifer, in the pool of their cottage home. The cottage home, as it was called, was in suburban Watford, not far from Geri Halliwell's place in Watford, or Victoria's house in North London. It was midway betwixt them in point of fact.

'Get your mind out of the gutter,' responded Lucy Potter, annoyed that Lucifer was gawking at the sunbaking Victoria in her bikini.

'He likes the gutter,' said Callodyn. 'His natural habitat.'

'Bite me,' replied Lucifer to Daniel's comment.

'And you claim to be faithful,' sighed Lucy.

Lucifer looked at Lucy. 'Well, you haven't married me yet, babe.'

'With your licentious reputation? More the fool me should I be that foolish. Harry Potter would mock me incessantly.'

'Harry can bite me too,' replied Lucifer, and returned his gaze to Victoria.

'He's like a predator. Ready to devour his prey,' grinned Daniel.

'I heard that,' said Victoria.

'Busted,' smiled Lucy.

'Lucifer is welcome to gawk,' said Victoria. 'Everyone does, you know. The price of fame.'

'Glad I'm not famous,' said Lucy.

'You are to me, babe,' said Lucifer.

'Oh, now I have your attention,' replied Lucy.

'You're twice the spunk Victoria is,' confessed Lucifer.

'Gee, thanks,' said Victoria.

'Charms of the Devil,' said Callodyn.

'Bite me,' replied Lucifer and returned his gaze to Victoria's bottom.

'The manners of a wildebeast,' stated Lucy.

'Smells like one too,' said Daniel. Lucifer glared at Daniel.

'I think I'll go inside,' said Victoria, and did so.

'Show's over,' said Daniel.

'Hope you got your money's worth,' said Lucy.

'Shaddup,' said Lucifer, and spent the next 20 minutes splashing both of them.

After a while Lucy got out, went inside, but came out shortly in what looked like one of Victoria's bikinis.

'I'm a Spice Girl,' she boasted, parading herself. 'Kiss my skinny butt,' she said, patting her arse.

'Charmed,' said Victoria,' suddenly walking by, and returning to her sunbaking.

Lucy, embarrassed, got back in the pool

'You probably sing better than her anyway,' said Daniel.

'Better figure too,' said Lucifer.

Lucy grinned madly.

'Pity she's such a witch,' tarted Victoria.

'Ooh, nasty,' said Daniel

'Bitch,' said Lucy, under her breath.

'I heard that,' replied Victoria.

And the sledging thus continued on well into the afternoon, another fine day in Watford, England, somewhere in the heart of the Realm of Splendour.

The End